Crafty Subscriptions & Churro Bacon Cupcakes, Need I Say More?

Crafty Subscriptions & Churro Bacon Cupcakes, Need I Say More?featured

First off, I added The Ponytail Diaries on Bloglovin’, and they’re telling me to add this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin (and, you know, if you *did* want to click that and follow me, I wouldn’t mind one teeny bit)

Some of the fun things I liked/pinned/saved in Feedly recently…

Link Round-Up {the ponytail diaries}

Not sure why, but I’ve become mildly obsessed with knitting a chevron scarf or something. Love this pattern and I think I could easily turn it into stripes.

Sometime last year, Husband planted some swiss chard on our back patio. About a month or two ago, it started sprouting up and I started wondering what the hell to do with it. We tried this recipe and added some eggs to make it more quiche-like (and used some of our tomatoes too!) and it was delightful.


Holy crap, how have I not heard of WhimseyBox before now? I’m on a spending freeze as I transition to freelancing and get my “business” up and running, but a subscription might be in the works once the cash starts flowing more regularly. edited: WhimseyBox apparently went under. I heard they were acting pretty shady too (not shipping boxes or issuing refunds). Glad I never got around to subscribing to that one.

If you don’t read Surviving the World, you should. Usually they’re funny/clever one-panel comics for semi-intelligent people. Sometimes they’re on the serious side, but always worth a glance or two.

I don’t like vodka, so I’m not really a fan of Moscow Mules, and I have no intention of ever buying those copper cups, but I still really want to give this “made-up cocktail” (a San Diego version! genius!) a try.

I’m also not a huge fan of mezcal, so I might be a wuss and stick to tequila for this one.

I have one of those “5 Year Journals” (where you write one line each day – it’s a Jane Austen version because I’m a female English major) that I’m trying to get better at, you know, actually writing in every day. I want to try using these “Currently” cards maybe weekly to capture some more in-depth thoughts and happenings.

Hiking the Grand Canyon. Yes, now, please.

Shirts for the homebrewer (or lover of good beer) in your life.

And now, I leave you with this gloriousness:


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Have a stellar weekend!