Weekly Wishes and July Goals

Weekly Wishes and July Goalsfeatured

I’m linking up with Melyssa at The Nectar Collective today to share some of my “wishes” (goals) for the week ahead. And, since it’s a new month tomorrow, I’ve also got a couple overall goals for July.

Weekly Wishes {the ponytail diaries}

Weekly Wishes

01 | stop hitting snooze

It’s an annoying habit. Since leaving my job, I’ve been setting my alarm for 6:30 and struggling to actually get up by 7:00. I’m lucky to have a dog who doesn’t insist on waking me up and nudging me out of bed before she makes a mess in the living room (Onyx  is awesome [so is her bladder]; she’ll let us sleep in until 9:00 on weekends without any problems), but sometimes it’d be nice to have someone a little more insistent on getting me up early.

02 | am workouts

I think that, since I started running with the team in high school and got used to practice from 3-5PM every day, a part of me has always been an evening/afternoon runner. And most mornings, my body just doesn’t want to move that fast or work hard right after I get out of bed. But I feel so much more accomplished when I workout first thing, I don’t hit the afternoon slump (usually), and I don’t have to shower at night or go to bed all sweaty and gross.

03 | organize my desk

It’s so, so bad. Piles and stuff and junk just kinda shoved everywhere. When/if it gets done I might share some before and after pics.

04 | enjoy the hell out of time with my parents

They’re coming to see us for the weekend and I. Cannot. Wait.

July Goals

01 | de-clutter and organize

We’re planning to have a garage sale with some friends (who have a house and will graciously let us use their front yard) in an attempt to get rid of our storage unit (or at least downsize to one that’s smaller/closer to us/more affordable) and make a little extra cash. This also means going through every nook and cranny of our apartment to sort through our crap, downsize, and re-organize.

02 | develop a legit editorial calendar/some sort of plan for this blog

I’ve been piecing ideas together and making this up as I go (which is totally not obvious, right?) and I want to have a little more direction here.

03 | enjoy the hell out of my vacation

Husband unfortunately can’t go, but Onyx and I get to join my family at the end of the month for a delightful week at the lake. Yeah, maybe taking a whole week off barely a month into freelancing isn’t the best timing, but I’ll almost certainly still be working while I’m there and isn’t that one of the main perks of being self-employed? Setting my own schedule and working from everywhere?

What are your goals this week?

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