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Stuff I’ve pinned/saved in Feedly/found on the Internet lately…

Links Round-Up {the ponytail diaries}

I am not allowed in bookstores without supervision, so of course I love this.

I think living with a Texan has increased my California-pride (is that a thing?). So I want pretty much all of these.

Part of me just wants these for the labels. But I’ve tried a couple Bells beers (I sampled one at a tasting event a month or so ago and all of a sudden it seems like they’re everywhere in SD) and enjoyed them, so, taste, too. Except maybe the barleywine…but it’s bourbon barrel-aged…hmm…

I’m pretty sure I already own all of Jane Austen’s novels. So those are for reading, and these would just be for looking pretty on display?


Need a shot of motivation? Check out this story. So cool.

I’d like pretty much everything in this shop. Please?

Next to Onyx, corgis may be the cutest dogs ever. I WANT ALL OF THEM.

I’m lapping up “solopreneur” and get-your-business-started advice lately. This is pretty awesome.

Mastering fried avocados is my next cooking challenge, so yes.

BONUS: Because anything said/written by John Steinbeck is the best.

And, enjoy:

omg totes adorbs

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too-cute photo via cheezburger