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Currently Photo Collage July 2014

Drinking: Husband’s latest homebrew, which I’m calling my birthday beer since it was brewed the day before my birthday

Reading: at this very moment, Thrive and Something Borrowed

Wishing: I was more of a morning person

Making: pizza with homemade spent grain dough. soooo good

Hoping: our upcoming garage sale is successful

Marveling: at how much stuff two people can manage to acquire

Wearing: jeans/shorts and tank tops, or running/yoga clothes. (best part of not working in an office)

Sorting: quite literally everything we own into “keep” “sell/give” “trash”

Disliking: most country music currently on the radio

Trying: meditating

Remembering: high school and being a teenager

Planning: blog and freelance business…everything

Traveling: to Tahoe at the end of the month!