Tacos, Peanut Butter Beer Bread, & Rejected Princesses

Tacos, Peanut Butter Beer Bread, & Rejected Princessesfeatured

So, this week, I faced my never-ending fears about setting rates and negotiating contracts, started to build up Pinterest for the blog, oh, and right now I’m on my way home from YOSEMITE.

Link Round-Up {the ponytail diaries}

HOLY YUM. I don’t really cook red meat that much but these tacos may make me change my ways.

Love this! Rejected Princesses showcases some totally bad-ass (and in some cases, super scary) women throughout history (Mariya is probably my favorite).

I swear I could share one of Sarah’s posts every week.


What? You don’t read The Happiness Project? I loved this post on how our habits are SO tied up with our identities.

I started reading Dayna’s blog recently and it’s amazing.

Price? Ridiculous. Still want? Um, hell yes.

Now, an artsy DIY I think I can actually manage.

Another list of excellent blogging resources? Yes please!

I have a new-found love of true “one-pot” recipes. This is next on the to-make list.

And, this:

All I care about is pasta and, like, 3 peopleAnd Onyx. #TRUTH


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  • Hey thanks for the sweet mention, lovely 🙂 Also, peanut butter beer bread? You wouldn’t tease a girl? ::Saves recipe::

    • You’re quite welcome 🙂 And I may or may not have drooled a little when I stumbled across that recipe. Can’t wait until I have time to test it out.