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Currently September 2014 {the ponytail diaries}

As much as I felt like August dragged, September feels like it’s flyin’. When I quit my job and started building this freelance thing, I had a bunch of hazy “goals” for the “end of the year.” Like, by December I’ll be making XX monthly. I’ll have XX subscribers on my blog. etc. etc. And I’ve made progress but all of a sudden the “end of the year” is starting to look a lot closer than it did a month ago. So I’m thinking about articulating those goals better and breaking them down into concrete timelines — and at least give myself the illusion that I’ve got a handle on it.

trying | to stay cool. desperately. not successfully.

drinking | iced coffee. i don’t make proper cold brew (yet?), but when husband makes his coffee in the morning, i pour the extra in a glass and stick it in the fridge. then when i get back from running/walking onyx/yoga i add a splash of milk and it’s delicious. also, ALL THE PUMPKIN BEERS I CAN FIND.

writing | little bits of fiction and it feels goooood. take a gander at my new sunday storytelling posts.

listening | Blake Shelton (live!), lady jazz singers (love me some Ella and Nina), and Hanson’s “older” stuff

wearing | a grey tank i found at tj maxx last month. it’s perfect — soft and light and loose and comfy. i literally wear it for days on end. and no bras. bras + 90 degrees = hell no.

anticipating | a long but successful marathon training cycle. days where the temperature actually dips below 80. one day living in a house with A/C

watching | fall tv premieres: New Girl and Mindy Project tonight!!! (husband, remarkably, does not share my enthusiasm)

wanting | this tank. this book. this tank. this necklace. this book. and this book.

loving | morning beach runs with onyx. Friends reruns. our new dishwasher. my new workspace.

making | this scarf. (trying to, at least. intarsia is tricky.)

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  • Good for you for walking or running in this heat…I feel like it is already too hot by 7! We don’t have central a/c but we do have it in the bedroom (thank goodness). I love the sunday storytelling idea, I will have to catch-up soon on that…very awesome!

    • Lucky, we don’t have A/C or ceiling fans or anything. We’ve got a couple floor fans going nearly 24/7 with limited effectiveness.