Oh Hey, Friday! | Things I Don’t Love About Fallfeatured

I’m about to commit blogland blasphemy. Are you ready for this controversy?

Fall is my least favorite season.

I’ll just get right to it:

5 Things I Don't Love About Fall {the ponytail diaries}

1 | short days
Daylight Savings Time is possibly my least-favorite day of the year. Yeah, yeah, we get an extra hour of sleep, but then? It’s full-on dark at 5:00. It sucks.

2 | baseball is nearly over
I’m sorry, I just can’t as excited for oblong brown balls as I do for round white balls. (oh yes. going there.)

3 | pumpkin spice lattes

4 | everyone gets all in a tizzy over it
And I just don’t get it and feel left out of the excitement.

5 | not really having “fall” in southern california
I’m fairly certain that part of why I’m not into Fall is because we don’t really have it here. So I can’t get all excited about, I don’t know, apple-picking and leaves changing color and wearing sweaters and stuff. Plus I have out-of-state transplants whining for the next three months about missing the “seasons” instead of enjoying the fact that it’s still 75 degree and sunny and gorgeous out. Screw seasons, let’s hit the beach.

That’s it. Am I still allowed to blog now?

photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc