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Call this my atonement for last week’s blasphemy. Because even I recognize that fall isn’t that bad all the time.

Pumpkins / 5 Things I Actually Like About Fall {the ponytail diaries}

1 | pumpkin everything but lattes
I may not be a fan of the PSL, but you better believe I will be putting pumpkin in just about every other food product I can. This recipe has become a fall tradition and it is SO good (my favorite part is where she lists the ingredients and says the bread will be sad without the butter). And if you look at my Pinterest board you will see I have no self control when it comes to pinning pumpkin recipes.

2 | Thanksgiving, duh
When I was younger and the pickiest eater ever, I wasn’t really into Thanksgiving (just very much into the days off from school). Now, oh, it is so excellent. It’s also awesome that we go to my grandparents, where my grandma and aunt basically cook everything and don’t like us getting in their way in the kitchen, so we have nothing to do but drink beer out by the pool all day (it’s still SoCal).

3 | plaid flannel shirts
I’ve been wearing plaid since I was eight. Because it is the best ever. I’m actually looking forward to it finally being cool enough to wear one over a cami with skinny jeans.

Plaid Shirts from Piace Boutique, Target, American Eagle {the ponytail diaries}American Eagle / Target / Piace Boutique

4 | pumpkin beer
This gets its own spot on the list, because while most Oktoberfest beers don’t do it for me, I spend most of September, October, and November scouring BevMo and bottle shop shelves for ALL THE PUMPKIN BEER I CAN FIND. side note: the other day when I was stocking up on Anchor Liberty Ale I saw a couple winter beers already on the shelves. New Belgium’s Accumulation and something else I didn’t recognize. WTF beer companies? Let’s enjoy the seasonal beers in their proper seasons.

5 | chili & soups
Mmm. I was kinda meh on chili until I met Husband and he made his dad’s Texas chili recipe for me. (We now get in EPIC arguments over whether certain dishes can be accurately called chili or not, but that’s another story.) He made it for my extended family once and I think all of them requested the recipe. Chilis and soups are the best, you don’t really need a recipe, just chuck a bunch of stuff in a pot, add liquid, and spice the hell out of it and BOOM delicious dinner, plus you probably made an entire crock pot full so BOOM lunch for the next 2-3 days. YOU’RE WELCOME.


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  • Pumpkin beer and chili are the BEST… even better if enjoyed together! The neighborhood I grew up in has an annual chili cook-off every October, and it is so much fun. Plus, delicious!

    stopping by from the link-up 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lindsay! Oooh, a chili cook-off sounds awesome and delicious. And definitely, pumpkin beer and chili go together so well! (I bet I could find a pumpkin chili recipe if I looked).

  • I love Thanksgiving (because you know the food)!! I’ve been craving chili or soup, but think it is still too hot 🙂

    • Haha, I stubbornly made some quinoa chili a couple weeks ago because it briefly dropped below 75 and that was cool enough for me.