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Weekly Wishes

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for week. Join in!

Brew is bottled. Another surprisingly awesome long run (19 miles, baby) in the books. And I can already taste Thursday’s feast. And #PandaWatch is getting interesting.

Last Week’s Wishes

01 | yoga at least twice
Done and done.

02 | make some progress on my planner for next year
Kinda of. A little. Not really. I thought about it a lot, okay??

03 | write some fiction

Black & White Onyx {the ponytail diaries}

I did rediscover the Snapseed photo editing app and have been having fun with it. For what that’s worth.

This Week’s Wishes

01 | be ready to check out by noon on Wednesday
That’s it. As of Wednesday afternoon, I’m not checking email (well, I probably am, but I’m not dealing with work-related stuff) or (hopefully) cracking open my laptop. Which means working my little butt off until then.

What are your goals this week?

The Nectar Collective



  • Yah! Have fun unwinding and checking back into reality!

    Happiest Thanksgiving!

  • Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you! Best of luck with it all. Onyx is absolutely gorgeous! 19 miles? I’ll be happy if I do half of that!