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Weekly Wishes: 2015 Goals {the ponytail diaries}

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for the year. Join in!

Because everyone else is, right?

I’ve done a ton of thinking about what I want to do next year. And now “next year” is just a few days away and, per usual, I haven’t *really* planned or committed to anything specific. So this post is really just some freewheelin’ thoughts and wishes that I will — really — develop into specific goals over the next week or two.

In 2015…

01 | run a lot
I already talked about my running goals here. Running is always on the list. I’d also love to get my half-marathon PR under 1:45, but I’m also at the point where I’d forgo PRs for trail races. I love the Dirt Devil series and would love to get more of those on my race calendar next year.

Also — check out at least 2 new trails a month. I can run around Balboa all week (and sometimes, it seems like I do) but there are SO MANY trails around San Diego that are begging for some more footprints.

02 | yoga twice a week + home practice
Confession: this is partially motivated by getting my money’s worth from my studio membership. It’s beyond ridiculous — especially when we’re budgeting hard — to spend $75 on just a couple classes a month. So if I find, after a few months, that I’m not keeping this commitment, I’ll seriously consider canceling my membership and just going to free YouTube videos and podcasts. I find so much value in studio classes, though, so I really want to make this work.

03 | gym twice a week
I still hate lifting. Well, not really hate — more like “am extremely bored by.” But I know “it’s good for me” and if I do it right, it’ll really help my running (especially as I focus on getting faster and stronger, not just building endurance).

04 | meditate

05 | write fiction
I’m going to start using 750words.com during the week (if not daily) as a substitute for proper morning pages. And, while building my writing business is really priority #1, I’m going to start blocking out a few hours (maybe 3-5?) a week specifically to work on fiction — both writing Sunday Fiction pieces for fun and working on other short stories and (hopefully) a novel.

06 | get my 100 rejection letters

07 | get my workdays more structured and intentional
I tried using Google Calendar last week to schedule my entire day — like, 9am – 11am: work on client project; 11am – 12:30pm: blogging; 12:30pm – 1:15pm: lunch; etc. I failed miserably. So I don’t think I can go that far — but I’d love to consistently schedule, say, writing pitches and query letters every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and blocking off time each Monday for bookkeeping and business admin stuff.

08 | date nights + adventures
Since money is tight, we’ll need to be creative.

09 | grow my blog
I’m going to shift this to self-hosted in the next week or so. Then I’m going to start sponsoring other blogs (if I can ever decide which ones to sponsor). Then I’m going to start selling sponsorship packages. And try to set up some brand partnerships/affiliate programs. And reach more readers and inspire conversations and strengthen my voice and purpose. And track my blog and social media stats so I can get a sense of growth.

Oh, and save enough for a DSLR so I can level-up the pictures and images on here.

10 | create
Photography. Knitting. Sewing. DIY-ing. Watercoloring. Designing. Maybe learning a little HTML and site building? Some Skillshare courses? Nothing specific here yet — aside from knitting a sweater — but I want to make stuff in 2015.

11 | budget + grow wealth
Get smart about our spending and investments and all that jazz.

12 | waste not
This is actually a big thing my husband and I have been talking about — it’s awful how much food we waste each week (and how much nastiness sits in our fridge for far too long). We want to work together to set weekly meal plans, stick to a grocery budget, and only buy stuff we know we’ll be able to use up. I also would love to start shopping more at our farmers markets.

And overall — I want to track everything. Part of me hates turning everything into numbers and statistics, but part of me also knows that keeping track of what I do will help me see and pay attention to how I spend my time — so I can then make better decisions about it. Because that’s all this is about, right? How I spend my time. What I fill my days with. Making sure that the bulk of my minutes each day are spent on things that either:

I enjoy, OR

are moving me towards larger goals

And are in line with my values and vision.

What are you doing in 2015?

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  • This is a good way to think approach your yearly goals. I’m just not ready to write out what my yearly goals quite yet. I’m waiting on getting the Lonnie Dawson workbook too. Best of luck in the new year!

    • I keep getting tempted to try one of her workbooks but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. And I’m totally still defining my goals more — it’s a lengthy process.

  • Yes to all of these! I haven’t planned anything specific either, but I do have some loose idea of things I want to work on and several of these are on my list.

  • I also want to achieve a daily meditation practice and be a little more active.
    I’m not a runner, but I respect everyone who does. The very best for this new year.

  • I also love trail running and think less of personal bests and more of all the adventures that are out there waiting for me! 🙂