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Blogs I've Been Reading Since Forever {the ponytail diaries}

*or six years or more. Same difference

If I can remember right, I started actively reading and following blogs sometime in winter/spring 2008. That’s nearly seven years of spending my time online reading about other people’s lives and stuff. That’s a little insane.

(Again, why didn’t I just get over myself and start a blog back then?)

I remember when I discovered blog feeds and Google Reader and WOW there’s so much to read when I’m supposed to be studying calculus or anthropology! Yay! Grades? What grades?

(I’ve been having these recurring nightmares lately where I’m still in school — high school or college — and it’s near the end of the quarter or semester and there’s this class I just haven’t gone to. I haven’t kept up with the readings, I haven’t done the assignments, I’m not even entirely sure when the class is held. I was a total goodie-two-shoes nerd ALL through school so this obviously never came close to happening, yet my subconscious is trying to convince me that I’m slacking and making me panic over it. That’s what I feel in the dream. This slowly building sense of “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT AM I GONNA DO” panic.)

Anyway. I’d rather not try to count all the hours of my life I’ve spent huddled over my laptop reading blogs in that time. But I was scrolling through my Feedly earlier and noticed how much my blog reading has changed over time. I started getting into the shitstorm that can be healthy living blogs, dabbled in writing and productivity and 20-something blogs, found lifestyle blogs, found running blogs (a more-entertaining-for-me subset of healthy living blogs), travel and ex-pat blogs, and now…today’s Feedly looks NOTHING like my Google reader of summer 2008.

This is a little odd because I’m terrible at unsubscribing from a blog that I no longer really enjoy. I’ll scroll through the posts and eventually think “you know, I haven’t really read or enjoyed any of their stuff for awhile now. I should unsubscribe. Eh, next time.”

But there a few “old standbys” — blogs that I started reading when I was still trying to graduate in SLO, that I’ve read through two moves and two “big girl” jobs and getting married and running marathons and more than a few minor mental breakdowns (or quarter-life crises, if you will) and after all that, still love when their posts pop up in the reader.

So I wanted to share those with you (in no particular order). Some are major, impossibly huge blogs everyone’s heard of and some…maybe less so.

HSP (Heather Scott Partington)

HSP (formerly alis grave nil)

Heather’s a high school teacher and (recently) book reviewer who’s blogged her way through motherhood, marathons, and earning her MFA (which I found particularly fascinating).

I love that she’s open and refreshingly honest about her life, her fears and doubts, and her marriage and family life without crossing any privacy boundaries.

The Art of Nonconformity

The Art of Non-Conformity

Well, duh. Has anyone in blogland not heard of Chris Guillebeau and his quest to visit every single country in the world? (This also highlights how blogland and the “real world” are two incredibly different things, because NO ONE in my “real life” has ever heard of him and his multiple bestselling books.)

The Art of Doing Stuff

The Art of Doing Stuff

When I grow up, I kinda want to be Karen. She’s a Canadian DIY blogger who has chickens and a giant vegetable garden in her front yard and recently finished this epic kitchen makeover that involved installing radiant floor heating and laying tile flooring HERSELF and she’s built an outdoor pizza oven and she’s pretty awesome. And funny.

Ivy League Insecurities

Ivy League Insecurities

This really was one of the first blogs I ever added to Google Reader. I’ve been reading her stuff almost since she started blogging, about her life, her adorable girls, her writing, her thoughts and wonderings and philosophies, her wrestling with drinking and anxiety and she’s just got such a way with words. She shares tiny moments, those brief seconds that pass by for many of us, and she grabs them and writes about them so beautifully. I eagerly read (and loved!) her first book, Life after Yes, and can’t wait to read her second once it’s published.

Yes and Yes

Yes and Yes

Yeah, I’m pretty sure most bloggers have heard of Sarah. She’s another one I’d like to be when I grow up — traveling all over the world and, as she says, “making people awesome on the Internet”? Yeah, I’d like that. I especially love her True Stories feature.

Marta Writes

Marta Writes

Marta doesn’t really blog anymore, unfortunately (I think she said she’s aiming for one post a month this year?), but it’s worth checking out her archives. She’s just a damn good writer and seems like the sweetest, most sincere person. I feel like if I could have lunch with her or meet her for coffee I’d walk away feeling light and happy and inspired.

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project

I feel like Gretchen and The Happiness Project might be the one blog non-bloggers or blog readers might have heard of. I started reading this way before The Happiness Project was even published, and it’s still good, solid content. Which reminds me, I should pre-order Better than Before

How long have you been blogging/reading blogs? What blogs have you been reading the longest?

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  • Thanks for the list! I definitely need to check all of these out. The only one I’ve heard of is the happiness project. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and I’ve been reading blogs for about one year and I still feel clueless when it comes to who’s who in the blogging world.

    • Allison

      The blog world is weird because it’s so segmented. I really don’t think there’s a single blogger that *everyone* knows. You’ll find someone who’s just huge in one circle or niche, but jump to another group of bloggers and no one’s heard of her. I try to be selective about what blogs I read (because time), but seek blogs across several “niches” when I can.