gratitude52, Week 6: The City I Live Infeatured

gratitude52, Week 6: San Diego {the ponytail diaries}

gratitude52 (because “52 Weeks of Gratitude” is too much of a mouthful) is a year-long challenge/series on, obviously, gratitude. Read more about the challenge here and all gratitude52 posts here.

It’s no secret I’m a little bit in love with San Diego. Since moving here a little over three and a half years ago, I’ve been pretty damn happy with my living situation.

What do I love here? The weather, the food, the scenery, the beaches, the brews? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and hell yes.

gratitude52, Week 6: San Diego {the ponytail diaries}

Thanks to San Diego…

I have a deep appreciation for craft beer. I had started branching out from the typical swill broke college students drink, thanks to a year in Europe and Spike’s in SLO, but before moving here I had no idea what beer could really be. I learned to love IPAs and adopted a “what the hell, get me a taster” attitude when confronted with new and sometimes strange-sounding choices (Hibiscus lavender habanero lemon pale ale? Peanut butter pumpkin vanilla mocha stout? what the hell, let’s try it). (Those specific beers don’t actually exist, as far as I know, but I have tried a habanero cilantro IPA and Belching Beaver’s and Mother Earth’s peanut butter stout are ah-may-zinggg.)

I’ve renewed my love of trail running. My “roots” go back to cross country and after too many years primarily pounding pavement, it was a joy to randomly sign up for a 15K trail race in Mission Gorge a couple years back and even though I nearly died trying to climb some of the hills, there was a moment about halfway through, when the field had spread out and the trail became flat-ish, windy single-track under some trees (shade THANK GOD) and it was like my soul said yessssss. This is where I’m meant to be.

gratitude52, Week 6: San Diego {the ponytail diaries}

I still get to see my boys in orange and black three times a year. (The sports teams — and Qualcomm Stadium — are some of the few things I don’t love about this city.)

I’ve gotten back into studio yoga classes and have figured out am figuring out how to make a practice work for me.

gratitude52, Week 6: San Diego {the ponytail diaries}

I’ve developed a year-round tan. (Yes, mom, I wear sunscreen.)

I have the coolest pup ever.

gratitude52, Week 6: San Diego {the ponytail diaries}

I could, if I had the time/energy/money, go to a street fair, art festival, beer or wine fest, concert, play, farmers market, or some kind of outdoor event (movie in the park, sporting event, yoga on the beach, whatever) literally every day. You can probably say this about most decent-sized cities, but it’s crazy. I remember when I first moved here, I looked up local farmers markets and there really is one (or several) held somewhere in the county every day of the week. It gets a little stressful in the summer especially when on just one weekend, there’s three street fairs, two beer fests, a surf dog competition, a trail race, a taco cook-off, and a baseball game and I WANT TO DO THEM ALL.

You know what it really is, though? You’ve got such an awesome mix of people here. From the military to surfers to college students to coastal yuppies to hipsters to business types to entrepreneurs to creative artsy small biz owners to aggie types to everyone in between. I love that I can go to North Park to the Gaslamp to PB to Carlsbad to Poway to Barrio Logan to wherever in this ridiculously giant county and meet totally different groups of people. And for the most part, people here seem happy. (Maybe it’s the excess of vitamin D?) They seem to, if not totally love, be pretty at peace with their¬†lives. Not to say it’s always sunshine and rainbows (well…) and you’ll definitely catch me cursing at the idiots on the freeways or the hipsters crowding my space at the bar or the douchebros not getting out of the way on the boardwalk…but it’s so easy to look around and think well, things could certainly be a lot worse.

gratitude52, Week 6: San Diego {the ponytail diaries}