How to Blog When You Don’t Know What to Blog About

How to Blog When You Don’t Know What to Blog Aboutfeatured

I’m not even a little bit ashamed I’m writing this post. Okay, I am a little.

(programming note: gratitude52 is a “real world” prompt this week. I’ll be writing about it next week.)


Step 1

Realize it’s Thursday night and you haven’t figured out a post for Friday. You had an idea earlier but it’ll take a lot of Photoshopping and you don’t feel up to that.

Step 2

Decide to watch Downtown Abbey instead. Cheer every time Violet and Isobel have a scene together.

Step 3

Open a bottle of wine. Or retrieve the almost-full bottle from the fridge because you were good last night and only had one small glass.

Step 4

Ask your husband for ideas. He’s no help because he doesn’t read your blog and doesn’t know what you write about.

Step 5

Discuss how unbelievably difficult it is to find appropriate GIFs for blog posts. Marvel at how other bloggers do it and wonder what their secrets might be.

Step 6

Scroll through Pinterest for “inspiration.” Find a recipe for beer cheese pretzel dip.

Step 7

Dirty Dancing is on ABC Family! Yesssss! (Husband gets disgusted and leaves to brush his teeth. Silly Husband.)

Step 8

Finish bottle of wine. Decide to write a meta-post.


Step 9

Consider that you really should be using GIFs in this type of post to drive it home and hate yourself a little bit.

Step 10

Consider whether or not you should try waiting in line for Pliny the Younger tomorrow.

Step 11

Fuck it. GIFs all the way.

This post brought to you by Bevmo’s 5 cent wine sale. Not an affiliate, just a fan.


  • Hahahaha! This seriously made me lol and I’m not ashamed. Every blogger goes through this feeling so in that sense you’re not alone. I’m hanging that proverbial cat poster that says “hang in there” cause some posts come more easily than others.


    • Allison

      Haha, thanks Kelly! The proverbial poster is much appreciated 🙂