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If I Could Run ALL THE RACES {the ponytail diaries}

Over the past few years, I’ve wished I could race more. I run almost every day (currently at least five days a week, barring injury and travel) but my races are few and far between. Primarily because race are expensive. Geez. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of what goes into planning a well-organized road race, but $125 for a half-marathon? That’s like $9.50 per mile.

Well, that doesn’t seem like much. I guess.

But it still adds up quickly. Then you factor in all the new running shoes and travel expenses (because even though I can race in San Diego almost every single weekend, there are plenty of great races outside the county) and you’re looking at a very sizable chunk of my budget.

All of this to mean I’m still figuring out what races I’m going to sign up for, and what races I’m going to race this year, but I won’t come close to running all the races that catch my eye. If I could, though… (if money and travel time were no object, if I could recover like a Marvel superhero, and if I could occasionally subvert the space-time continuum to be in two places at once)

All The Races in 2015

Run all the races {the ponytail diaries}

St. Patrick’s Day 5K – Temecula, March 15
(I might still sign up for this one…)

Carlsbad 5000 – Carlsbad, March 29
(I’m probably going to do this one to get a baseline 5K time)

The Dirt Devil Progressive Series – San Diego, April 19, June 14, August 16, October 4
(because there’s no way in hell I want to do the Stairway to Heaven Half Marathon. 15K on that beast is more than enough)

La Jolla Half Marathon – La Jolla, April 26

San Luis Obispo Half Marathon – San Luis Obispo, April 26
(my first full marathon was this race in 2012. I’m always up for an excuse to go to SLO.)

Avocado Half – Fallbrook, May 23

Camp Pendleton Mud Run – Oceanside, June 6, 7, 13, or 14
(I did this two or three years in a row and always had a blast. It’s a “no-frills” mud run on the base and the Marines do a great job)

Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half – Napa Valley, July 19

Wharf to Wharf – Santa Cruz, July 26
(still my favorite race ever)

San Francisco Half – San Francisco, July 26

Run all the races {the ponytail diaries}

AFC Half Marathon – San Diego, August 16

San Diego Beer Run 10K – San Diego, August 22

Giants Race – San Francisco, August 23

Wild Willow Farm 15K – San Diego, September 26

Golden Leaf Half – Colorado, September 26

Lake Tahoe 10K – South Lake Tahoe, October 11
(again, I’m not yet crazy enough to do a half at altitude)

The Bourbon Chase (Kentucky, October 16-17)

NYC Marathon – New York, November 1
(the only marathon still on my bucket list)

Big Sur Half Marathon – Big Sur, November 8

One of the Run Disney races
(I’m not particularly picky about which one. Any of the half marathon distances would do. Maybe one at Disneyland and one at Disneyworld so I could travel to Florida?)

Any Ragnar Relay


What would you race if you could race everything?

photo by Stuart Grout // cc