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Making February Not Suck {the ponytail diaries}

Let’s just say it: February…kinda blows.

Unless you’re really into dreary, still-cold-and-too-short days and incessant amounts of pink hearts.

February is for cabin fever and raging at how people turn love into a thing to be bought and consumed.

Luckily for me, February in San Diego doesn’t keep me cooped up inside, hating rain and gloom and ugly, dirty snow. I woke up yesterday feeling kinda “meh. So it’s February. Great.”

But! Then I looked at my calendar/planner and saw that things are actually looking pretty good this month. This is a not-fully-exhaustive list of Things I’m Looking Forward to in February:

Paint Night

It’s on my 28 Things list and I found a Groupon for it and I’m doing that TONIGHT. And then my masterpiece will lay on my bookshelf for many, many months until I hang it up in my apartment.

Free ice cream sandwiches

The Baked Bear, Pacific Beach-based makers of delicious custom ice cream sandwiches (you choose the cookie flavors and ice cream flavors and you can add sprinkles and omggggg), is opening a new location this weekend. They are giving away free ice cream sandwiches on Saturday. You know what sounds like a good Saturday? Driving up to North County for a run along the coast and then getting an ice cream sandwich. FOR FREE.

More hiking & trail running

I’m legit writing “run with Onyx @ Sunset Cliffs” and “Mission Gorge run” in my planner on various weekends. Because if I don’t, I end up running the same old street routes around my neighborhood and I’m soooo sick of dodging pedestrians and cars.

Picking photos for our wedding album

I have this on the Google Calendar Husband and I share to keep track of our super-busy happening social life (sarcasm). I mean, we got married, like, 17 months ago, I don’t see what the rush is, but it’ll be cool to have a big, fancy album with our favorite photos from the day.

Valentine’s Day wine-tasting

I think. Unless it looks like all the wineries are going to be super crowded and hosting ticketed events and stuff. Then we’ll go the day after Valentine’s Day. Or the next weekend. Either way, we’re overdue for a Temecula trip.

California 10/20

After weeks of going back and forth, I thought “what the hell” and signed up for this race yesterday. Very much motivated by the finish line concert with Don Felder.


February 18th!!! Fact: The day that pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training is one of the five best days of the year. Who cares that our rotation is just a giant question mark and we have a giant, gaping hole at 3rd base and will probably hit just 50 home runs as a team this year, baseball will return and life will be good.

House of Cards Season 3

Oh, Frank Underwood, you disgusting, despicable human who I can’t help watching, you.

What are you looking forward to this month?


  • Yes, we are eagerly awaiting House of Cards to return & The Walking Dead! I’m 110% obsessed with Bobboi Gelato in La Jolle, I really wish we had one closer! It is hands down the best gelato I’ve had in the US (it’s just as good as what we had in Europe). Basically I would say we have to try the ice cream sandwich but I’m not sure if I can branch out right now 🙂

    • Allison

      I have not tried that gelato. Adding to the to-do list…