28 Things: 3 Months to Gofeatured


28 Things While I'm 28 {the ponytail diaries}

We’re entering Q4 of my 28th year (actually, technically, my 29th year, right? Counting things is weird…). So where am I at with my 28 things?

1. Sub-4:00 marathon
Not gonna happen.

2. Financial goals as a freelancer
Slowly but surely making progress. I’m focusing on getting more clients on a consistent retainer so I’m not depending on landing one-off projects to meet my monthly income goals.

3. Start meditating on a regular basis
Eights days in…

4. Have fun with my SLR.
I decided on one “photography field trip” each month, where I’d go to a different neighborhood and shoot one roll of film. I’ve done Pacific Beach so far. A planned trip to either East Village or Little Italy got rained out last weekend. I love shooting film, but what I really miss is working in a darkroom.

5. Take one of those “Paint Night” classes
Done! It really is amazing how they make it so easy and doable. Now my goal is to get this hung up somewhere before I turn…30…

6. Complete The Artist’s Way
Tried and failed once, last fall. I’m still not sure if I’ll try it again, but I have been using 750words about…oh, four or five days a week to do some stream-of-consciousness writing. It’s far from proper morning pages, but I’m enjoying it as an exercise. Maybe third time will be the charm this spring or summer?

7. SUP (stand-up paddleboard) more
I’d still like to. We did rent a couple paddleboards for a day or two in Tahoe last summer, but because rental boards are the most buoyant possible and therefore the least maneuverable, it was pretty challenging to dodge all the boats and kids in the water.

8. Run a Ragnar relay
I’m still open to finding a team for the SoCal race in April, but there are like five other events that weekend I want to be open for, too. So…not sure. I could still look at finding teams for the races in Napa or Vegas.

9. Climb things
We’ve done Cedar Creek Falls and a couple climbs up Cowles. I’d love to do one completely new-to-us hike each month as weather allows.

10. Build up this blog, move to a proper self-hosted website, and make this space more permanent and customized
Check! (still a little in progress)

11. Shop local as much as possible
Again, I really haven’t been shopping much, except for groceries and basics — and for the majority of those I’m going to Trader Joe’s or Target. I’m still wanting to shift to getting more produce at a farmers market.

12. [secret until it’s done]
If this one happens, it will be because I start earmarking some cash for it, and it’ll happen on my birthday. Still a big maybe.

13. PR in a half marathon
I’m not sure if I’m going to run a half marathon before June, and if it’ll be a good one to try for a PR. The current likely candidate is the La Jolla Half and that’s definitely not a good PR race (considering you spend about a mile climbing in Torrey Pines).

14. Make more food from scratch
I don’t know about “from scratch” but we’ve been doing really well with planning meals and not relying on going out or convenience foods for the last couple months. I’ve also been focusing on picking dinner recipes that either make a lot of food or are easy to double so we can have leftovers for lunch or freeze leftovers for busier nights.

15. Finish a draft of a novel
Oh, not even close. Although I have…at least three ideas that have potential.

16. Camp in Yosemite
Done. I want to try for a Half Dome permit this month.

17. Make sourdough bread from scratch
I feel like that could happen this month…

18. Get a DSLR and possibly take a few classes
I’m still working on saving up for one.

19. Brew my own beer
It came out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

20. Complete a month-long photo challenge

21. #100HappyDays
Almost done! (Are you following me on Instagram yet?)

22. Get crafty & try some new/different crafts
Eh, no. Ideas are there! But I’m hesitant to take on more projects that would just add to the mess and clutter we’re constantly battling. I need to have the time, space, and materials to complete a project start to finish if I’m going to do anything — having a bunch of half-finished stuff all over the living room would drive me batty.

23. Read, at minimum: 12 fiction books / 12 non-fiction books / 12 biographies or autobiographies
I definitely need to find more nonfiction and biographies. Fiction is so quick and easy compared to nonfiction! You can check out everything I’ve read since starting this blog here.

24. Make pasta from scratch
Husband and I took a class from Hipcooks a couple weeks ago where we made pasta from scratch. It was indeed delicious but oh, the prep is a LOT of work. The instructor said several times that it’s a really, really, really good idea to make a huge batch of pasta at once and freeze it. It was definitely delicious, though.

25. Knit/crochet an article of clothing that isn’t a scarf/cowl or hat
I have the yarn and the needles for this pattern. I need to…actually start knitting it.

26. Go hang-gliding at Torrey Pines
Hah, too much money right now. One day…

27. Take the Coaster from Del Mar or so to Oceanside and run back
Will probably happen in April or May.

28. So much more yoga
I’m sloooowly making my way through Erin Motz’s 30-day Challenge. I’m trying to go to the studio at least twice a week (with moderate success). And I want to start taking advantage of the dozens of opportunities for outdoor yoga and…yoga in breweries around the city.

And…I’m already thinking about if I want to repeat this when I turn 29 in June. I’m thinking…no. Because I have another idea. Stay tuned