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A Literary Dinner Party {the ponytail diaries}

These prompts are always fun, right? Like M*A*S*H games or Would You Rather or Cards Against Humanity.

What ten people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?

The catch I’m throwing in is, what ten authors would you invite to a dinner party?

After much thought and deliberation (the right guest list, of course, is key to a great party), I would invite…

John Steinbeck

I mean, duh. Steinbeck is forever and always my favorite author of all time, hands down, everyone else is just fighting for second. I would just die to be able to listen both to stories about his life and his thoughts about the craft.

Mark Twain

Twain is doing pretty well among those fighting for second. I love Tom Sawyer a little more every time I read it. (My favorite part is when Tom crashes his own funeral. Classic.) He’s another one with some amazing life stories and he’s witty as hell.

Harper Lee

Because John Steinbeck may be my favorite author overall, but I think To Kill a Mockingbird miiiiight edge East of Eden for my favorite book of all time. (I SAID MIGHT.) (This decision changes daily.) She’d probably decline the invite, though. Sad face.

Who else is excited for Go Set a Watchman? !!!!

William Shakespeare

Well, how can you not invite the Bard himself to such a party? I only spent, oh, three hours or so wandering around the Globe Theater in London (definite perk of traveling alone — no one else to please with travel plans).

JK Rowling

If for no other reason, I have a question about Harry Potter that’s been bugging me for years. Wouldn’t Arthur and Molly Weasley have known James and Lily Potter when Voldemort was first rising to power? Given the ages of their kids, they probably wouldn’t have crossed paths at Hogwarts, but weren’t they all in the original Order of the Phoenix together? Why is this never addressed or mentioned in ANY of the books?

(If I’m wrong — either there’s definite evidence that they never actually knew each other, or it is mentioned somewhere that I overlooked every single time I read the books, please let me know. I literally spend hours debating this with myself.)

Jane Austen

Because I’d love to see if she and Twain truly dislike each other or if there’s just a ton of sexual tension. And she’d keep us all on our best behavior.

Barbara Kingsolver

She may be one of my favorite contemporary authors. The Poisonwood Bible is absolutely incredible (though, I’ve found, hard to describe to people) — and I really enjoyed Animal Vegetable Miracle last year. Maybe she can host with a big seasonal organic feast.

Bill Bryson

I sort of wanted to keep this to novelists only, but figured, what the hell. It’s my list. Bryson would keep us entertained all night with his travel stories.

Beverly Cleary

Because I loved the Ramona Quimby books when I was little. Like Roald Dahl, people who write good, clever kids’ books fascinate me — even more so now as I can’t even contemplate writing for children; it just seems so hard.

George R. R. Martin

Scratch that. He doesn’t get to come until he finishes The Winds of Winter.

What authors would you invite to a party?

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