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Around the Horn: Favorite Baseball Player {the ponytail diaries}

You know what’s happening in exactly 18 days? OPENING DAY.

YES. Just a little more than two weeks!

This also means that today, we’re doing another round of Around the Horn, this time discussing our favorite player.

Player? Just one? You’re joking, right?

My first “favorite” ballplayers were Will Clark and Matt Williams.

In the late 90s, when I started paying close, close attention to the Giants, I loved JT Snow and Shawn Estes.

I’m not ashamed to say I cheered heartily for Bonds, even in the midst of all the BALCO and steroid crap.

Now? When we went to a Giants game for my bachelorette party, my maid of honor made a sign that said “SHE’LL CALL OFF THE WEDDING FOR POSEY.” love u 4-eva buster

I honestly think Madison Bumgarner is “less than a god, but more than a man…you know, like Hercules or something!”

I mean, who else could’ve done what he did last October?

Hunter Pence is amazing. (He’s probably already healed from his fractured arm. He’s just pretending to wear a cast and rehabbing so as not to arouse suspicion.)

And Timmy. Even after three atrocious seasons, guy still can do no wrong in the city. It’s unreal.

But while the Poseys and Bumgarners and McCutcheons and Shields and Tulos and Kershaws (which is really a love to hate thing…) are great and fun to watch, a lot of times I find myself drawn to ones who aren’t superstars. I remember telling my dad at one point that if I could be a major league ballplayer, I’d want to be a hitter like Bill Mueller or Omar Vizquel. The #2 hitters, the ones who didn’t have a ton of power, but had a good eyes (worked counts and got a lot of walks) and decent bat control. The “good situational hitters.” They don’t make the highlight reels but they do the “little things” that win ball games.

I also love the slick fielders like Brandon Crawford. I love the kids fighting for a spot, like Joe Panik, and the journeymen like Ryan Vogelsong. The ones with good stories.

So long story short, I don’t have a single favorite player.

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  • [praise hands emoji] to loving players with good stories! I’ll obviously like a guy who puts up great numbers, but I’ll take a mediocre player with a heart of gold and a great story over the superstars any day of the week!

    • Exactly! I always end up pulling for the bench players or the guys “on the bubble” trying to make the roster, especially if they seem like good people. I mean, who doesn’t love a feel-good story like that?

  • OKAY BUT I HAVE TO GO TO A BASEBALL GAME FOR MY BACHELORETTE OR I WON’T BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED. also I love that your favorite player is anyone in a Giants uniform. that’s what real fans look like anyways. ALSO BIG TIME TIMMY JIM. I died when he did that Sports Center commercial.