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currently... {march 2015} {the ponytail diaries}

loving | Daylight Savings. Running without any training plans. Our patio minus all the heavy, overhanging tree branches. Trying all the beer.

listening | Oh Lord. I’ve been all over the map. Still rocking to my middle and high school jams, from New Found Glory to Backstreet Boys. Lots of mellow stuff like Jackson Browne. Classics like the Eagles and Billy Joel. And The Band Perry. (that’s just scratching the surface)

organizing | My office space, with a new wall calendar and hanging file folders and some cork boards. And I got a proper desk chair. Peace out, stability ball.

decorating | I’ve finally start hanging up some photo frames and artwork that have been sitting around forever. We had a photo booth at our wedding, and when we got the pictures from it, I got 25 printed and stuck them in cheap frames and 14 months later, hung them up in our entryway. (I tried using those sticky removable mounting squares so I didn’t have to put 25 holes in the wall and spend three or four hours measuring the exact placement for each nail so the frames would line up. Five have already fallen off and I’ve realized in a few months, there will be 25 nails in the stupid wall.

yoga-ing | At Mission Brewery with Hoppy Yoga and online with Erin. And occasionally even at my “home” studio.

anticipating | Baseball season!! We got our tickets for opening weekend and I CAN’T WAIT. Also some upcoming trips in June/July.

socializing/networking | I went to Collaborative Thread’s first networking meetup last week and (surprisingly for this introvert) had a great time. If you’re in San Diego and you’ve got any sort of “creative” career or goals or just like meeting cool people, check it out.

watching | Still working through Friends (I’m almost through Season 5). House of Cards, of course (I think we’re halfway through Season 3? Been taking our time with that because Husband’s been spending all his free time studying, so our binge-watching opportunities are slim).

readingYes Please and basically everything Rainbow Rowell’s written.

bookmarking/saving/pinning/tweeting | this very helpful worksheet. these myths about traveling. this marketing advice. these tips on writing every damn day. these burrito bowls. this in-n-out vs mcdonalds comparison. these super sweet ideas for starting a family. this awesome source for desktop + phone backgrounds. these spent grain pretzels. this chicken + bacon recipe. these questions for post ideas.


  • Thanks for sharing my worksheet Allison—really appreciate it!

  • Angie Orth

    Thanks for sharing my travel myths! Appreciate you!