My Quirks (A Random Sampling)featured

Ducks on El Prado at Balboa Park {the ponytail diaries}

// I have no problem handling raw beef, chicken, whatever, but can’t even touch fish without getting grossed out.

// In high school, I desperately wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. (I still kind of want to.)

// I like to eat certain snacks and candies (crackers, M&Ms, Girl Scout cookies) in even numbers. I think it’s because Reese’s are my favorite candy and they come in packs of two.

// I will leave home without my phone before leaving without my Burt’s Bees chapstick.

// I’m terrified of birds, but I love ducks.

// I’m pretty much convinced if I hadn’t met my husband in college, I never would’ve found anyone to fall in love with and marry. And I’m pretty sure I would’ve been fine with that.

// I never feel more awkward than: 1) when trying to follow along with a dance class or 2) trying to take a selfie (see: the almost-complete lack of them on my Instagram).

// Literally nothing frustrates me or sends me into a rage spiral more than not being able to immediately find something I’m looking for, whether it’s my keys, a headband, or something I haven’t used in months and can now not remember where I put it. You should’ve seen me when I lost my ID last year. I was furious for about three days. (The only other thing that comes close is people using phones in movie theaters.)

// I believe I will have succeeded as a parent (one day in the far-off future) when my kids are Giants fans who have a healthy respect (at least) for John Steinbeck, deep appreciation for classic rock and 90s pop, and can quote Animal House, Dirty Dancing, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Caddyshack, and The Sandlot at any given moment.

// I’m the only girl I know who couldn’t stand Bridesmaids.

// I’m way more self-conscious when I go to yoga with friends than when I go alone and feel “anonymous” in the studio.

// When I was really little, I heard “Siskel and Ebert” on movie trailers as “Sister Eneber” and thought it was a nun rating and reviewing movies.

// On that note, I used to think the word “segue” was pronounced “seg” and the word that’s pronounced “segway” was spelled “segueway,” and “gross” was pronounced with a short “o” (so it would rhyme with “moss”). I would hear (and say) “gross” with a long “o” but when I saw it written, in my head I’d “say” it with a short “o.” (I have no idea if the period there should go in or out of the quotation marks and it’s really bugging me.) In a college, a professor said that’s common with kids who read a lot and read early, because they tend to read “above their grade level” and read words they may not have actually heard spoken yet. In other words, sometimes nerds can be really stupid.


  • I had all the same thoughts re: seg and segue and segway and segueway…except I just learned all the correct spellings and pronunciations right now 😉 Thanks!

  • Yes, I hate touching raw chicken for some reason, especially cutting it up. I make P do it 🙂 I too just can’t with the selfie…I just feel embarrassed doing it, even at home, and they turn out terrible. Actually, I’m very unphotogenic in general.

    • I’m fine touching raw chicken, but I still hate doing it because I feel like I have to wash my hands every 5 seconds! And I just cannot not feel like a dork taking selfies.