7th Inning Stretch: Fantasy Picks

7th Inning Stretch: Fantasy Picksfeatured

WELCOME WELCOME to our very first 7th Inning Stretch link-up!!! I’m SUPER excited because BASEBALL and BLOGGING and BLOGGERS WHO LIKE BASEBALL!

Anyway, the 7th Inning Stretch link-up is just a way for me and Kasey and any other baseball fans to chat about the game throughout the season + make new baseball-loving friends. We have prompts here but they’re optional, really just hang out with us and talk baseball each month.

7th Inning Stretch Link-Up with Allison and Kasey

Okay, so today we’re picking fantasy teams¬†just for funsies (maybe we’ll get organized and do a real league next year…maybe not…) and Kasey had the BRILLIANT idea to drink wine and then make her draft picks, so that’s what I’m doing (also, I’m doing this while watching the Giants play the Rockies and they’ve been playing like crap for almost a week now, sooooo I’m really not in the best frame of mind for this). This will probably show my extreme bias towards the West Coast, because the Giants spend like half the season playing those guys so they’re the ones I’m most familiar with. Seriously, ask me to name anyone on, like, the Marlins. Okay, Michael Morse, but I only know that because he was a Giant last year. But the Orioles? Mets? Brewers? Unless it’s a really incredible standout (like, say, Bryce Harper, WHO I’M DEFINITELY NOT DRAFTING BECAUSE HE’S A PUNK and because I think Kasey would hurt me if I drafted a National), I have no idea.

7th Inning Stretch: Fantasy Picks {the ponytail diaries}

Also, I refuse to draft a Dodger (sorry, Kershaw. Can you get traded so I can draft you?) or a Cardinal (suck it, Matt Holliday). So, with all that in mind, my team looks something like this:

Catcher: Buster Posey (duh. If you were expecting anyone else, you must be new here)

1st: Miguel Cabrera

2nd: Jose Altuve (he’s probably the only major leaguer shorter than me)

3rd: Nolan Arenado (because he impressed the hell out of me with this play the other night. Not just making the catch, but being able to get up and get the throw off so quickly he almost nailed Pagan at third. Wow) (Side note: my goodness the Rockies’ announcers are terrible)

Shortstop: Starlin Castro

OF: Nelson Cruz

OF: Mike Trout

OF: Andrew McCutcheon

SP: Madison Bumgarner (again, if you expected anything else, you must be new)

SP: Johnny Cueto

SP: Chris Sale

SP: Felix Hernandez

SP: Corey Kluber

Reliever: Craig Kimbrel

Reliever: Greg Holland

It’s fun because I don’t have to worry about contracts or budgets and I can totally let personal feelings dictate my picks!

7th Inning Stretch Link-up with Allison & Kasey

So now — share your fantasy teams! Or whatever post you have talking about baseball. Follow me and Kasey, link up below, find new baseball fans to follow, grab a button, and then — phew — grab a cold beer (you’ve earned it after all that).

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  • hey we share almost an entire outfield AND a closer! ALSO. who would want Bryce Harper aka King of the Douches (KOD for short, I came up with that + it’s totally catching on.) aka the most petulant child in major league baseball ANYWAYS. that’s a clown question, bro.

    • I am so gonna start using KOD. Like everywhere in my life, not just in baseball.