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Into the Pint Glass: Amber {the ponytail diaries}

The first amber I ever remember trying and really, really enjoying is the Alaskan Amber. Ever since, I’ve always been willing to give any amber a try, even as my tastes have migrated from malty to hoppy. (One of my favorites is Coronado Brewery’s Mermaid’s Red, which Mariah tried for this round of Into the Pint Glass. So good.)

As usual, Mariah and Katie have fantastic descriptions — beertories — about amber ales on their blogs, check’em out.

I grabbed a six-pack of Mendocino Brewing Company’s Red Tail Ale to try this time.

Into the Pint Glass: Red Tail Amber Ale, Mendocino Brewing {the ponytail diaries}

ABV: 6.1%, and oh hell yes that’s a Hanson “Mmmhops” glass.

Aroma – malty, some hints of dried fruit (I should note here that I may or may not be coming down with a slight cold, or allergies, so I really have no idea what I’m talking about here. But Husband confirmed malty and a little fruity).

Color/appearance – amber, der. Actually I’d call it more of a light/medium copper than true amber.

Flavor – The malts were definitely present, but well-balanced with some tart, fruity flavors. It was almost a little sweet but stopped just short of that. If anything, I’d say it was dry — the mouthfeel was crisp and light. When I first poured it, it was bubbly without being overly carbonated. Can that even be a thing? I don’t know. As it warmed up a touch, it got smoother, especially on the finish.

Overall – very solid, drinkable, but — for me at least — not a stand-out. I’d drink it again if it’s available, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink it over other beers.

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  • I love this link up. I love trying new beers and going to breweries. One of my favorite things about living in WV (which isn’t a lot) is how close we are to distilleries.

    • I’ve certainly enjoyed it so far 🙂 For all the breweries we have out here, there are…maybe 3 or 4 distilleries that I know of.

  • That glass is SO cute!! I’m pretty sure I’ve had had any Mendocino beers before, I will have to keep my eye out for them. I need to go update my post, but we for sure got an old bottle of the Mission amber. I tried at the brewery this weekend and it was much better. The Coronado Red is a good one, I’ve been consistently impressed with their beers. Thanks for linking-up!! Hope you feel better soon!!

    • Mission beers are always hit or miss for me. I tend to like their limited/seasonal releases better than their standard brews.

      And thanks! I’m thinking it’s just allergies (again…).