Introducing the 7th Inning Stretch Baseball Link-Up!featured

SO in case you haven’t noticed, BASEBALL HAS STARTED (and there was much rejoicing. and then much gnashing of teeth when nearly half the Giants rotation pulled up lame before the first pitch on Opening Day. but whatever.)!!!

And after participating in Kasey and Jessa’s awesome Around the Horn link-up, Kasey and I started talking about running a link-up through the season. So presenting…

7th Inning Stretch Link-Up with Allison and Kasey

The 7th Inning Stretch link-up!

A monthly link-up through October for blogging baseball fans to talk baseball and get to know other bloggers who love baseball. The “official” date for each link-up will be the 3rd Thursday of each month but each link-up will be left open throughout the month so you can post whenever you feel like talking a little baseball.

You’re welcome to join in anytime and post anything you want about baseball (updates on your team or games you’ve been to, rants against the DH, trade rumors, a detailed ranking of the hottest players, whatever), but we do have totally optional prompts each month if you want some inspiration for your posts.

Up first: Fantasy picks!!

Kasey and I talked briefly about setting up a fantasy league but realized we didn’t have time to get it organized. So instead of a full league, we’re just picking players that we’ll follow throughout the season. We’ll come up with some awards in October for the best performances, so make your picks and share them with us next Thursday!


— You can pick any player who is currently on a major league roster.
— Choose 8 positions players, 5 starting pitchers, and 3 relievers.
— DHs are stupid so if you want Big Papi, you’ve gotta assign him a defensive position

And we’re keeping this super simple — no head-to-head match-ups or trades or anything. Just pick your team and we’ll all see how our players do over the season.

And prompts for the rest of the season (mark up those editorial calendars):

April 16th – Fantasy picks
May 21st – Favorite ballparks or best ballpark experiences
June 18th – All-Star picks and predictions
July 16th – Best promotional/theme nights, or if you were planning theme nights and promos, what would you do?
August 20th – If I was Commissioner…
September 17th – Favorite baseball books & movies
October 15th – Recap your fantasy team, OR share your favorite moments and season highlights

It’s a long season and it’s even better with baseball-loving friends. Grab a button and join us!

7th Inning Stretch Link-up with Allison & Kasey


  • I love this!! i can’t wait to participate.

  • I AM SO EXCITED WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN! (also, I just realized I wasn’t following you on bloglovin. I kept wondering why I was missing your posts!)