Caught on Film, Vol. 2: Balboa Parkfeatured

Caught on Film, Vol. 2: Balboa Park {the ponytail diaries}

Back in March, I took Onyx and my old film SLR to Balboa for the afternoon. I forgot that it was either the first or last weekend of spring break for many and the place was packed. (Onyx was not thrilled about that, especially when I kept pulling her to the center of the Prado and trying to get her to sit still for 10 seconds while I lined up shots.)

Balboa Park {the ponytail diaries}

When I first moved to San Diego, all I knew about Balboa Park was the Zoo (which is pretty sick, as zoos go). Luckily, it didn’t take long for me to discover everything else the park has to offer (apparently it’s bigger in area than Central Park). I could go back and easily use another dozen rolls of film there.


These shots are all taken along El Prado, a walkway that runs from the west side of the park to Park Blvd., which cuts through the park north-south. It’s just south of the zoo and the site of a bunch of museums and beautiful gardens. This flower was in the Zoro Garden (and a bitch to shoot; it had just gotten too dark to expose at the aperture I wanted and I really should’ve used a tripod).


I put a sepia filter on this one just because. This year is the park’s centennial anniversary so there are events going on all year and it seems like every week I see something on Facebook or Instagram or the local paper/news sites with some new to me info or factoid about the park. Learning stuff is fun.



I have yet to even visit many of the museums or anything there. (It’s on my to-do list…) Most of my time in the park is spent running the trails, with Onyx in one of the three dog parks, or at the zoo (we have annual passes). El Prado and the other attractions are crowded on the weekends, but also full of musicians and caricaturists and other buskers. They’re putting in more places to eat and drink, there are free concerts during the summer, and more often than not, you’re likely to stumble on a wedding or engagement photo shoot (I can’t tell you how many shots of bridal parties at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion I saw when I was looking for a wedding photographer). It might be one of the few places in the city where I wouldn’t want a single thing changed.







These photos were taken on Kodak film 400TX for the black & white. I had the prints put on CD and edited these in Photoshop only using basic techniques I’d use the darkroom (crop, adjust exposure and contrast, burn, dodge).