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Creativity "Interview" -- Evolution & Growth {the ponytail diaries}

This is question 4 from the creativity “interview” I found a while back on Kelle Hampton’s blog. Read my responses to all the questions here.

How have you evolved creatively in the past 5 years and how do you want to evolve creatively in the next 5?

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I found a journal that’s about half-full, one I’d used off and on from 2010 – early 2012. I was skimming over some of my old entries and found something really disturbing.

Back in 2010, I was writing constantly about how I wanted/planned to “start taking my writing more seriously” and “really start focusing on writing and finishing fiction pieces” and “look into writing stuff I can submit to literary journals and magazines” and “find workshop groups.”

Guys, I could — and do — write the exact same stuff today.


So, basically, in the past five years, my “creative evolution” has been pretty stagnant. That sucks.

I go through a very predictable pattern, with bursts of writing “every damn day” and coming up with new stories and getting so inspired by writing blogs and prompts and re-reading Bird by Bird, but they’re never sustained. After a month or so, I fall out of the habit, wait a few months, and then start over from square one.

I always tell myself “This is the time I’m gonna take it seriously and actually do something.” But then I fall back into that same pattern. Over and over again. Reading those old journal entries made me realize just how pervasive and long-running this has been.

So, because I believe in looking forward to solutions, rather than dwelling on problems, I’ve been thinking about how I can actually move forward and make real progress over the next five years. Because in five years, I want to be published in some way. I want to have a solid collection of “finished,” if not publishable, work on my hard drive. I want to be able to look back on that work and see progress and improvement in my prose.

And I have an idea, something I’ve hinted at a couple times, a pretty major project I’m going to start in June that will be a huge first step to getting there. More to come.

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