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currently... {may 2015} {the ponytail diaries}

I’ve been…

runninga lot. I think I only took three or four days off in April and I’ve only taken a couple days off so far in May. Streaks are usually not my thing (even in high school, I always took at least one day off on the weekends. often two. don’t tell my coach), and not too long ago, after my knee injury, I told myself “Well, that’s it — I’ll never run more than two days in a row now.”

I’m attributing the lack of off days to the fact that I’ve also been yoga-ing at least a little almost every day (legs up the wall FTW) and most of the runs have been fairly short and easy (we’re talking less than three miles, and no real hard efforts). I’m actively trying not to turn this into a “run every day for X days” streak because that’s when I absolutely will push through potential injuries and make them worse instead of taking a rest day.

Although I have noticed that certain “hot spots” on my legs (knees, ankles/shins) are a lot less cranky when I run on trails compared to city streets. If only it was practical to run 100% on trails…

eating | all the donuts.

planning | posts for the future. The waaaay distant future, the one where I have a good DSLR and live in a place with better natural lighting. I love my apartment, but being on the ground floor + facing east + next to a two-story building does not make for good natural light. The iPhone 6 camera is pretty awesome, but it has its limits. So I usually hate taking photos inside, especially for blog posts, but I keep getting ideas for posts that need good indoor photos. Finally I created a note in Evernote titled “Posts for when I have a better camera + live in a home with better lighting.” On the plus side, whenever that does happen, I won’t have to plan posts on top of moving (I’m assuming the camera will come before the new home).

loving | NBA PLAY-OFFS. I don’t follow basketball nearly as closely as baseball (because following the Giants is exhausting and time-consuming and stressful enough) but my word, the Dubs (Golden State Warriors, for those not in the know) have been fun to watch this year. Like, historically fun. And the postseason, so far, has been most enjoyable.

Also, fresh-cut flowers and tomato buds.

watching | we finally finished House of Cards and I’m almost done (halfway through Season 9) with Friends. I’m thinking Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and either The Office (I stopped watched shortly after Michael Scott left) or Parks & Rec should be next.

drinking | grapefruit sculpin, white chocolate peanut butter stout (it’s like drinking a Reese’s cup), chai spiced stout, victory at sea porter, munich dunkel, campfire stout (which tasted like a s’more). Oh, and mint juleps during the Derby. Of course.

celebrating | Husband passing his next-to-last architecture test with margaritas, and Mother’s Day by surprising my mom when I went to the Bay to visit a friend last weekend. She dropped me off at my parents’ Sunday morning and my mom and I got to do a little shopping (my dad was thrilled too because that meant he got to relax and watch golf instead). LOVE YOU MOM.

reading | thrillers, YA, biographies, and modern classics. This month’s reading round-up is going to look delightfully schizo.

buying/wanting | maxi dresses and cute shorts. because summer.

bookmarking/pinning/saving/tweeting | this permission. these thoughts on marriage. these reasons you weren’t promoted. this salad. this death by chocolate (for after the salad, of course). this shirt I so desperately need. this tank. this guide to a city that will always have a piece of my heart. this legal advice. this writing advice. these thoughts on balance.


  • We were at Halfdoor last week and I did not see that stout 🙁 Though I still have not tried the pb stout from Belching Beaver either, I have to be in the mood for the stouts though. I’m ready for more summer like weather!!

    • Aww, that’s a bummer. Hopefully they were just out and will still be making more.