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gratitude52, Week 19: Health {the ponytail diaries}

gratitude52 (because “52 Weeks of Gratitude” is too much of a mouthful) is a year-long challenge/series on, obviously, gratitude. Read more about the challenge here and all gratitude52 posts here.

I broke my ankle when I was 18. Right around when I finally got my cast off, my brother (Med School) very badly broke his foot. A month after that, my other brother (Rocket Scientist) broke his wrist.

Other than that? For 18 years, my parents raised three kids with no major medical issues. No broken bones, no serious illnesses, no chronic issues. We were incredibly lucky.

Health is another one of those things we take for granted. We don’t treat our bodies well because we assume they’re always going to function fine and when they don’t, we’ll just start taking a bunch of pills to keep functioning.

This sounds really weird, because of course when someone gets bad news about their health I’m sad and sympathetic and concerned — but a part of me is also grateful, because it makes me aware not just of my health, but what I’m doing or not doing to maintain it.

This is why I run and do yoga, why I hike and camp and snowboard (when there’s actually snow, so probably not for many more years…), why I dance around the apartment and try to force veggies into my meals and why I occasionally do stupid stuff because I can and I want to enjoy it while I can. I try to be aware of that whenever I go for a run — I remind myself that I’m doing this so I can live a long and healthy life, but I’m also grateful I can run today because who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow?