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gratitude52, Week 22: Something I Use Every Day {the ponytail diaries}

gratitude52 (because “52 Weeks of Gratitude” is too much of a mouthful) is a year-long challenge/series on, obviously, gratitude. Read more about the challenge here and all gratitude52 posts here.

Even when it’s 90+ degrees out, I start my day with a cup of freshly-brewed tea. Every single day. I like trying different Teavana flavors and I also try to keep a couple boxes or tins of bagged tea on hand. I sweeten it a touch with local honey from the farmer’s market.

I wouldn’t call it a ritual, per se; I’m usually getting the tea ready as I’m making my breakfast, or popping up from my desk to get fresh water in the teapot, popping up again when it starts to whistle, and again when the microwave timer beeps (it’s not unusual for me to make two cups in the morning and at least one more in the afternoon). I have maybe five or six different mugs (all on the large size) that I rotate through.

But it all starts with the little orange teapot I got for $15 at World Market within a week of moving here.

Every damn day.

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