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Into the Pint Glass: Saison {the ponytail diaries}

I have to say, I’m super excited for this round of Into the Pint Glass with Mariah & Katie! (So much so I’m actually a day EARLY on the post for once, whaaaat.) I’m a fan of saisons and, honestly, they can be little hard to find — I had to do some hunting once again at the bottle shop, but it paid off! I almost had to get the Modern Times Lomaland (which I’ve had before, and none of Modern Times’ beers stand out for me), but I found this 6-pack in the second-to-last case and snagged it.

Into the Pint Glass: Golden Road Saison Citron {the ponytail diaries}

Golden Road Saison Citron, 5.8% ABV

Color/appearance: Beautiful pale gold with about a quarter-half inch head when first poured

Aroma: Some citrus, and I’m definitely picking up some hops of some sort. Citra? Simcoe?

Taste: Mildly tart, very lightly bitter. Crisp mouthfeel.

Overall: Nice, easy summer drinker. It’s almost (but not quite) like a shandy, thanks to the lemon. I’d definitely get it again — in fact, I have yet to be disappointed by a Golden Road beer.

Also, I know using cans for craft beer is somewhat controversial (but I think getting less so?), so I’d like to put it out there that I’m very much in favor of them. Mainly because it makes it way easier to take beer to the beach/camping/hiking.

Into The Pint Glass
  • I’ve enjoyed the Golden Road beers I’ve tried, but have not seen the saison! This sounds yummy! Thanks for joining us! Have you been to Clem’s bottleshop in Kensignton? They have a huge selection

    • I’ve been to Clem’s Tap House for a beer before, but not the bottle shop yet. I usually go to Bine & Vine (on Adams) or Bottlecraft in North Park or Little Italy when I’m looking for new stuff to try.