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Into the Pint Glass: Sours {the ponytail diaries}

Into the Pint Glass is BACK. This time with sour ales.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because I think I’ve drank maybe two other sour ales in my life so I don’t have any fun anecdotes to share about them. As always, Mariah and Katie have all the deets on this beer style.

I didn’t waste time browsing the cases at the bottle shop and asked the guy right away if they had any good sours. He directed me to a single case in the back and after getting totally overwhelmed, because I swear not a single label was in English, I grabbed a bottle of Silly Sour Ale, from Brasserie de Silly in Belgium. (Not making that up. Is Silly the name of a town or something?)

Into the Pint Glass: Silly Sour Ale {the ponytail diaries}

Silly Sour Ale (5.5% ABV)

This is actually a blend of dark Saison (13%) and a soured ale (87%).

Color: could be called very dark gold/amber/brown. For some reason it was hard to pin down. It looked a little like it was in between the crisp clarity of, say, a pale ale or a pilsner and the cloudiness of a wheat?

Aroma: This was weird. It definitely had a distinct aroma that I could not for the life of me place or describe. Finally I settled on lightly fruity.

Taste: Very apple-y and tart. But you could still pick up the malts (from the Saison, I guess?) and a very subtle sweetness snuck through, especially if you let it linger towards the front of your tongue.

Overall: Meh. I don’t think sours are for me. If beer’s an acquired taste, sours are an acquired acquired taste. Like, you really have to work on liking them. I think the lower ABV made this more drinkable for me, but for now, I’ll happily sip a sour if offered as part of a tasting flight, but I wouldn’t drink a full one.

Into The Pint Glass

Are you a sour drinker? Should I try another one just to be really sure?


  • I love the label! I have mixed feelings on sours, some I really like, and some I hate. Some I like but only a small glass of. Side note on the glass, Hess has those glasses colored now instead of etched. P and I took ours for their Tuesday deal, and we were one of the few tables that had the old school ones. I think I liked the etched better, but the color ones were cool too.

    • I saw the colored ones last time I was there! I do not take advantage of that Tuesday deal enough…that should change…