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May Goals {the ponytail diaries}

It may not seem like it, but I hate falling into the cliche “OMG where is time going / the year is flying by” schtick. But I feel like Easter was maybe three days ago and yesterday I looked up at my calendar and thought oh, it’s only the 14th. I’ve got plenty of time left this month. So WHAT THE HELL happened to April? Seriously, did that month only last five days or what?

With that opening, it shouldn’t surprise you that my goals for April did not go so well. I just started going down the list and making up excuses/explanations for why I didn’t complete each one and wow, that got depressing. So let’s just leave it at that.

I felt like I was playing catch-up most of the month for some reason. Like no matter how streamlined I made my to-do list, or what “hacks” I tried to make myself more productive, I always ended the day with some tasks unfinished, that got pushed to the next day, and the next day, and the next day, until (if it was an internal thing, not a client project — at least I held those together) it just fell off the to-do list altogether. I even stopped Instagramming a bit last week!

I’d like to say that May is already starting on a better note, but I still feel just as scattered and a few steps behind. I’m still searching for a little more discipline and motivation and I’m still wondering how I’m ever going to grow my business beyond the plateau I’ve reached and made myself comfortable at. That might be part of the problem — I’ve got a decent supply of work that keeps me busy enough and pays me enough that after I finish the client work each day, I’m like eh, that’s good for now. But it’s not where I ultimately want to be.

So I’m keeping my goals for May simple and straightforward:

1) get my website to a point where I feel comfortable sharing it
I especially have to do this because I just ordered new business cards that have my website URL on them, so if I want to feel comfortable handing those babies out, the site needs to be at least complete. Done is better than perfect, right?

2) query/pitch/apply to at least 15 new clients/blogs/partners

3) no computer or phone after 9:00 pm
I think that will help me wind down and get to bed earlier. Because I’m pretty sure sleeping better will be a big key to all this. Exception: if I’m following a YouTube yoga video or a meditation podcast/app

4) journal
I keep wanting a little to try The Artist’s Way again and then I think I don’t need added pressure of things to do right now. And also, I think part of why I always stall when I try to get through the workbook is because so much of the first three weeks or so is about “talking back to your critics” and “healing your inner artist” who has been told she “can’t” be artistic since childhood and that hasn’t exactly been my experience–I was always encouraged to write and told I was a good writer and had people believing in me. So I struggle with an exercise like “Write a letter to that mean 3rd grade teacher who said you weren’t artistic” and very quickly get bored with the process overall.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily want to commit to Morning Pages, but I do want to spend just 5-10 minutes each night writing a page or two in a journal. And honestly, I want to write the super basic “Dear Diary, Today I did this and then I went here and after work we did that…” records of my days. It’s nothing earth-shattering or even interesting at all, but in five, ten, twenty years (when we have kids and have moved elsewhere and God knows what else), I want to be able to look back and have clearer memories of what I was doing now.

What are your goals this month?

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  • I’m sure May will be your reset month!! Trust me, time and I have that same problem. I also feel ridiculous writing that time flies but it does. Some days I can’t believe P is already getting home from work, I feel like he just left. I hope May is better for you! Best of luck!

    • I’ve had a few too many days where I look up and go “wait, how is it already 4:00?” About half the time I’ve been super productive and “in the zone,” and half the time…I’m not sure what I’ve been doing.