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28 Highlights {the ponytail diaries}

I thought about doing a big, look-back, reflection post because this past year was…pretty big. Even though it didn’t always feel like that, day-to-day, of course. But then I was thinking about how I would approach it and what I would say and then I thought…it’s just about moments. Big, small, in between.

1 | reading and watching Gone with the Wind for the first time

2 | brewing my own beer

3 | camping and hiking in Yosemite

4 | seeing Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Train (w/Matt Nathanson), Steve Miller Band & Journey, and Counting Crows in concert

5 | completing #100HappyDays

6 | running a marathon

7 | taking the leap to start working for myself

8 | reading 33 books

9 | watching the Giants win the World Series again

10 | traveling to Chicago with the family

11 | re-living every episode of Friends on Netflix

12 | learning how to knit intarsia

13 | making big, grown-up decisions about money

14 | yoga-ing at a brewery

15 | hiking Cowles (multiple times)

16 | hiking Iron Mountain

17 | starting a link-up (next week, btw!!)

18 | taking my film camera out and about

19 | spending half of Black Friday searching for my little escape artist

20 | hiking Cedar Creek Falls

21 | dancing with Husband in our kitchen that only fits 1.5 people

22 | stuffing myself with chili

23 | snowboarding for the first time in two or three years and not dying or breaking anything

24 | unplugging completely for a weekend at Little Lake

25 | watching my brother graduate from Cal Poly

26 | early morning beach runs with Onyx when I can barely keep up with her

27 | scrolling through Instagram while walking Onyx

28 | pushing myself to go to networking events and meeting some truly incredible women

Here’s to 29…