29STORIES Check-In #4: Ideas Galore

29STORIES Check-In #4: Ideas Galorefeatured

Oh man. Sometime around Wednesday, I just started exploding ideas. And I captured most of them in Evernote!

Of course, this started happening right as I was totally crushing a deadline, so I couldn’t do much more than jot down notes for the most part. Then those ideas started morphing into possible blog posts, guest posts, site content…basically, when I’m pouring myself into one specific project is when I get inspired for all the projects I can’t currently work on.

Anyone else experience that?

29STORIES Check-In #4: Ideas Galore {the ponytail diaries}

So my thinking is to spend July outlining and character sketching like crazy. My goal is to have at least 20 solid, working outlines by August, at which point I’ll finally start dedicating some serious time to drafting.

This is going to be a huge experiment for me. I’m used to working on one piece of fiction from beginning through “completion” at a time. With this strategy, I’ll be working on over a dozen stories simultaneously, moving them all through that process of outline – draft – revise etc. together. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s even a good way for me to work.