7th Inning Stretch: #VOTEBRANDON

7th Inning Stretch: #VOTEBRANDONfeatured

Oh heyyyyyyy. It’s time for 7th Inning Stretch again!!

Little in-game recap for ya:

–Follow your hosts (that’d be me and Kasey)
–Post about baseball (optional prompts here)
–Link up
–Click around, follow other fellow baseball fans, you know the drill
–Grab a beer and enjoy the game

7th Inning Stretch Link-Up with Allison and Kasey

People. Believe it or not, we’re well over a third of the way through the 2015 season and the All-Star Game is less than a month away. Have you voted yet?

(You can vote here. If you want.)

7th Inning Stretch: #VoteBrandon {the ponytail diaries}

I want to be indifferent to the All-Star Game, because…that’s not really what it is. Especially when you allow fan voting (check out the current AL vote leaders…) and have bloated rosters to ensure that every team is represented and the biggest goal is not to let anyone get hurt, so the “all stars” only play two or three innings each, and by the ninth you’re going “uh, who are these guys exactly?”

It’s really more a measure of which team has the most rabid, obsessive fans (which means the Royals are winning — and congrats, but you don’t get rings for that sorry couldn’t help it). A few years ago, the Giants won that contest (I actually love that they reference that in the video linked up there, because in that game the National League won thanks in part to Sandoval’s contributions, YOU’RE WELCOME). Which is fine. Yeah, it “counts” for home field advantage in the World Series, but let’s just admit that the point of the All-Star Game is more about bragging rights for fans than anything else. You just want your guys on that roster, right?

Which is why today, I just want to strongly, strongly encourage you to vote for Brandon Crawford for shortstop. Because he’s having (and sustaining!) his best start ever and he can do stuff like this:

And this:

And this:

(I wanted to share just his spectacular fielding but then I found a playlist of 2014 postseason clips.)

Now, unless something ridiculous happens over the next few weeks, Crawford will end up in Cincinnati on July 14th because Bochy’s the manager this year,* so he gets to pick the reserves. And I’ll admit that the Jhonny Peralta (who’s currently leading Crawford by over a million votes, according to the latest standing released by MLB) has the edge in most offensive statistics. But I can’t stand the Cardinals and Crawford has been consistently underlooked and underrated because his offense usually doesn’t shine as brightly as his defense.

And on top of all that, he’s probably got the best eyes and hair on the Giants. And he supports his hometown teams:

A photo posted by @jalynnecrawford on

(Isn’t his wife adorable, by the way?)

So if you haven’t completed your 35 votes yet, head over here and show Craw some love. (If you’re not a baseball fan and don’t really give a crap about any of this, but have a few minutes to kill, you don’t have to vote for every position on the ballot. Just scroll down to shortstop, click the bubble next to Crawford’s face (tip: click the “RBI” link under shortstop and he’ll pop right to the top), scroll all the way down and click Submit. Then you can keep submitting that same vote up to 35 times without re-filling out the ballot. And if you do that, I’d also strongly suggest you vote Buster Posey for catcher, because he’s clearly outperforming Molina this year.

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7th Inning Stretch Link-up with Allison & Kasey

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  • true life: last year when I worked for the Rome Braves I sat at customer service + filled out easily a zillion of the hand completed entry forms. like, I did thirty or forty every single day…… somehow they still didn’t make it. I mean I’m PRETTY sure I singlehandedly filled out enough for the entire AST to be Braves players.

    • A couple years ago I was at a game and saw a woman with a stack of those forms literally two feet high. I don’t know if she managed to finish them all during the game.