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Creativity Interview: Quotes for Creative Inspiration {the ponytail diaries}

This is question 7 from the creativity “interview” I found a while back on Kelle Hampton’s blog. Read my responses to all the questions here.

What are your favorite quotes for creative inspiration?

I’m something of a quote collector. When I was a kid, I started writing down “memorable quotes” in a notebook I carried around. Then I started adding to a pages and pages-long Word doc on the computer.

And now Pinterest is here and of course I have a quotes board. And I still keep a notebook of some select favorite quotes, and a note in my phone, and… (I also have a notebook somewhere that I used to record “quotes” from my friends and I in college which is hilarious to look through now…though probably not appropriate in this particular case.)

So, some of my favorite quotes for creative inspiration? Well, I wouldn’t say I have a just a few “regular” go-to quotes or mantras or anything that I, say, keep pinned over my desk. But here are a few that caught my eye when scanning through my “collection” recently.


This one has been particularly apt for the past year as I started freelancing and now as I start this crazy 29STORIES project.


Or I could’ve gone with “WRITE LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER” like everyone knows and puts on mugs and stuff. But sometimes I like this one more. It’s essentially saying the same thing — just throw your hands up and say “well, fuck it, I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m gonna give it hell.”


And now for some *actual* writing advice.


This is one that I do keep coming back to. It’s saved as its own note in my phone and every now and then I’ll open the note and read it, and I’ll try to actually slowly read every single word. If I can I’ll even say it out loud. If I had a daily affirmation, this would be it.

Help me add to my collection: What are some of your favorite quotes, inspirational or otherwise?