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currently... june 2015 {the ponytail diaries}

celebrating | turning 29.

watching | NBA play-offs!!! (still. I remember in the past just not believing how fricking long basketball play-offs are and wondering why on earth they’re still playing in June, which just seems ridiculous. Turns out it’s not so ridiculous when your team’s in the finals. Suck it, LeBron. GAME SIX IS TONIGHT AND I CAN BARELY HANDLE IT. If I freak out on Twitter later I’m sorry.) The Women’s World Cup, of course. And I’m working my way through The Office on Netflix. I pretty much stopped watching after Steve Carell left, even though I heard it got really good again towards the end, and I’d forgotten how much I love that show. Mainly how much I love Jim & Pam. Watching those two together just makes me happy.

wearing | distressed cut-off denim shorts from Forever 21. Sanuk sandals. Tank tops. And the STRENGTH IN NUMBERS shirt that arrived just in time for the Finals.

listening | I’ve started trying the classical/focus stations on Spotify. Sometimes they work, sometimes not so much. Also last weekend was a total nerd-stravaganza with both Lord of the Rings AND Harry Potter marathons happening and now I’m itching to listen to the LOTR soundtracks again. I wrote many a college paper with “Concerning Hobbits” in the background. Wait, are those on Spotify??

planning | a month with ZERO eating out at all. Maybe. I ran this by Husband a couple weeks ago as a challenge to both save a little dough and get smarter about grocery shopping and meal-planning. He seemed into it but we need to sit down together and figure out how we’ll make it work (namely, how he’ll avoid going out to lunch for a whole month).

playing | softball. For one day. Husband and I joined a rec league with a bunch of other Giants fans and I stopped playing about a year ago (long story), but he still plays, and I’m still friends with most of the team, and there was a one-day tournament last weekend. I didn’t successfully get on base until the third game (out of four) and made zero catches in right field (granted, only two balls were even hit my way, and neither was really that catchable). In between games we drank and made fun of the team that brought their own net-backstop thing and was taking batting practice between games. Good times.

showering | (that’s a weird one, huh?) My cousin is getting married next month (!!!) and my aunt had a shower for his fiancee a couple weeks ago. So I got to shop with my mom (which is always fun) and eat the best Mexican food EVER and hang out with family for a couple days. Also, we got some much-needed rain at the end of May.

partying | with friends who’ve graduated and other who got married.

yoga-ing | I’ve made it to the one “early” class I like at the studio (it’s at 8:00) two weeks in a row. This is actually news. And I’ve picked it up with Erin Motz’s videos, which I’m loving (I did her 30-day challenge on DoYouYoga — which took me almost 4 months to complete — and now I’m working through her 4-week challenge).

bookmarking/pinning/saving/tweeting | this comparison of the artistic journey to Groundhog Day. this truth on happiness. this HELL YES about brands and social media. this lemon poppyseed bread. this takedown of the word “just.” these ways to be a better boss of you. this salad (can it really still be a salad if it has fried cheese on it? please say yes.). these website tweaks (that I desperately need to use).