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Into the Pint Glass: Witbierfeatured

It’s time for the next round of Into the Pint Glass — this time, we’re drinking and sharing and talking about witbiers.

Now, honestly, witbier is one of those lesser-known styles that I know I’ve had before (Allagash White Ale comes to mind) and know that I generally like, but couldn’t really tell you much about the style. I mean…it’s like a hefeweizen? But…generally less cloudy? With spices? Citrusy? Not overly hoppy?

Into the Pint Glass: Witbier {the ponytail diaries}

I mean, how’s this for confusing: your standard Blue Moon, which I always think of as a hef or wheat beer, is technically a witbier. So there’s that.

I do know that my favorite witbier is Hoegaarden. I was introduced to it in Denmark, it’s Belgian but I believe is owned by AB InBev, so it’s pretty easy to find in the US.

Luckily, Mariah and Katie have all the details, so I can just focus on drinking.

It was surprisingly tough to find many witbiers or white ales at the bottle shop, but I managed to get my hands on a local beer (from Lost Abbey).

Into the Pint Glass: Witbier - Lost Abbey Witch's Wit {the ponytail diaries}

Lost Abbey Witch’s Wit – 4.8% ABV

Color/Appearance: This poured very pale gold/yellow, with about a quarter-ish inch of white/off-white head that dissipated quickly, leaving some lacing. Very lightly hazy/cloudy.

Aroma: Weirdly, my first impression was that it was very champagne-y. Some citrus. I didn’t pick up any strong hops or malt.

Taste: Like a summer beach campout. Light, crisp, some tangy citrus and spices (it’s brewed with coriander).

Overall: Man, this is delightful. As much as I’ve grown to love IPAs where the hops practically punch you, there’s something so nice and pleasant about these milder styles.

And I have to give it up for the entertaining and creative story they’ve got about this beer:

Into the Pint Glass: Witbier - Lost Abbey Witch's Wit {the ponytail diaries}

Do you have a favorite or recommended witbier/white ale/any beer?

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  • I did not know that Blue Moon is considered a witbier! Thanks for the info!

    Like I told Mariah, I am so beyond jealous that you live so close to Lost Abbey. They are one of my favorite breweries. This particular beer sounds like it would rock my world.

    • I highly recommend it — I actually haven’t tried many of Lost Abbey’s brews but I think a trip to their tasting room has to happen in the near future.

  • I love your picture for this one!! I have found it hard to take pictures of beers for this; to come up something creative. This beer was refreshing.

    • Haha, because for once I managed to take pictures outside in the middle of the day! It sucks trying to get good photos in my apartment at night.