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June Goals {the ponytail diaries}


My birthday is tomorrow.

I have failed miserably at way too many weekly and monthly goals so far in 2015.

The strange phenomenon that is summer in adulthood has already begun — where, instead of the long, lazy summer days of our youths, we cram ALL THE SUMMER into our weekends (camping trips, visiting friends, hosting friends, family vacations, beach outings, beer fests, street fairs, concerts, weddings, etc etc etc) so they’re completely jam-packed and already planned.

(I’m amazed + a little grateful that we only have two weddings this season and one was last weekend, so we’re halfway done! And now pretty much all our friends are either married or not even paired up, so we may be done for awhile. At least until the baby showers start…)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and what to share/not share, what direction(s) to take it in, what my goals for it even are…and I haven’t come to many conclusions yet. But I have decided that my “monthly goals” for the time being will be more of the “personal” variety instead of business/blog goals. Not that I won’t still have those, or that there isn’t value in sharing them (accountability and all that jazz), I’m just not feeling that this is the right platform for that. SO:

In June, I will…

Clean my bathroom sinks/vanity and keep them clean for the entire month.

In my apartment, the toilet and tub/shower is its one little room and the double sinks/bathroom counter is sort of at the end of the “hallway” (it’s all of five or six feet long) between the bathroom and bedroom. I’ll try to share a pic on Instagram later. Anyway, it’s an area that tends to collect a ton of clutter and can get kinda grody if we don’t stay on top of keeping it clean. And lately…well, I’ve been lazy and I guess it hasn’t reached Husband’s MUST CLEAN THIS NOW threshold. Especially when I’m traveling, I have a bad habit of just leaving half of my stuff in my travel makeup bag and leaving it on the counter. Sometimes a few things will make their way back to the cabinet or in a drawer, sometimes they just get tossed in (or in the vicinity of) the makeup bag. And then I justify it with “well, I’m going out of town again in a week and I’ll just have to re-pack it, so…” But come on. I’m not still living in the dorms with communal bathrooms and my little tote of all my shower stuff.

Also, hopefully this will make me go through some of my makeup and nail polish and other assorted junk in the drawers. Like my collection of expired prescriptions + OTC meds.

Eat at least one salad a week for lunch.

Because summer. Because healthy. Because I’m bored as hell with my usual lunches + want to be a little more creative. I’ve started a “veggies and greens” Pinterest board to collect fun and tasty-looking salad (and other veggie-ful recipes) and want to try at least one a week. (And then I’ll hopefully end up eating a couple more so the produce and stuff doesn’t go bad.)

Start knitting again.

I haven’t picked up my needles…all year? And I have all this yarn and a sweater pattern printed out and I think I got a little freaked out when I realized the pattern was a bit more complicated than I expected, and then I got busy and lazy and put all the yarn away and…now I’m going to take it out and start on that sweater. I know it’s weird to be knitting a cozy sweater in the middle of San Diego summer, but at my pace, I might be done with it by Thanksgiving or so.

Finish the laundry when I do it.

My other really bad domestic habit is doing the laundry…and then leaving the clean clothes in the hamper, or piled around the bedroom, or even piled on the end of the couch. I hate doing laundry (and I’m not sure why, since it’s such a passive chore, but I think it’s largely because I have to go down the hall and up the stairs — the struggle is real, guys — to the laundry room and then pay to use the machines) and once the clothes come out of the dryer, I’m like “fuck it, good enough” and just dig through the pile to find clean clothes. (Once or twice, in college, I dumped all the clean clothes on one side of my bed and just sort of slept next to the clothes until they were gone. Then I did laundry again.) But this month (starting today), all the clothes will get washed, dried, AND FOLDED AND PUT AWAY on the same day.

So, basically, I just want to be better at domestic tasks this month?

TOMORROW I’m turning 29 and unveiling a big, huge, crazy new project. Just fyi.


  • I have been really bad finishing anything. I have done horrible with link ups this year. I want to start crocheting again.

    • At least we’re not alone in starting things with the best intentions 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Allison!! Hope you have a great one! Last month one of my goals was to do a little cleaning everyday and totally failed at that…why is housework so awful. I hate it. Our one salad a week for dinner rule has been great and I’ve actually kept it up for almost 6 months now.

    • Thanks Mariah! Housework sucks. I asked for a dish-washing fairy and laundry wizard for my birthday, unfortunately no one got me those…