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Wishlist: Indie Fashionfeatured

Ever since college, more or less, I’ve been trying to figure out my “style.” I definitely didn’t have style in high school and didn’t really care; I knew I wasn’t hip or in fashion and stuck with jeans & t-shirts. At Cal Poly, I mostly stuck with the “college uniform” of jeans + hoodies (or t-shirts or tanks), except for the brief stint where I worked for Express and abused my employee discount (though, mostly to get “party tops” that were only appropriate at whatever offensive “___ & hos” party was happening that weekend. That was also when I fell in love with their Editor pants and I basically won’t wear any other dress pants).

I tried to be more stylish when I was in Europe, but I also had to stick with comfort/travel-convenient for the most part.

The summer after Europe was my first “big girl internship” (which eventually turned into my first “big girl job”) and I had to figure out what “business casual” really meant (in my office in particular, it was really “business casual conservative” — the dress code policy didn’t explicitly state it, but there were no low necklines or even v-necks, no pencil skirts, very few bright/bold colors. Basically, anything you see in a “WEAR TO WORK” article in Cosmo or Women’s Health really wouldn’t fly). I stuck with those Editor dress pants, mainly, and simple button-downs, and gradually started buying other blouses and more casual-but-still-work-appropriate tops.

Wishlist: Indie Fashion {the ponytail diaries}

Around this time, I started thinking I should start dressing “more like a grown-up” out of the office, too. I started noticing how rare it was for some of my friends to wear jeans at all — they were always in dresses or skirts with cute tops. Maybe I should retire my t-shirts, I thought. Maybe I should stop picking up tie-dye tank tops at Target that mostly just get worn to yoga…and occasionally to the bar down the street because who dresses up for the bar nowadays?

So I started perusing fashion blogs…and mostly thought “I’ll never buy/wear/pull that off.” When I went shopping, it was haphazard and half-hearted. Sometimes I’d intentionally go saying “I need more color” or “I need a pair of denim shorts” or “I need some casual pants that aren’t jeans” but there was no guarantee I’d find that. Or I would, but then that thing would get lost in the back of my closet because I wasn’t sure how to wear it or didn’t have anything to wear it with.

And of course, I’m the girl who voluntarily goes out in public looking like this and this.

This is where I tell you I’m starting a capsule wardrobe.

Hahaha, no.

No, this is where I tell you I’ve finally just embraced the fact that my style is broken-in jeans or shorts with a cute t-shirt or tank top.

I know I prefer colors to neutrals, that I hate crew-neck tees, and the softer, the better.

I know I like fun tops with cool graphics or funny sayings (within reason, some phrases are funny but I don’t necessarily want them advertised on my chest).

I know I prefer loose-fit and I’m adept at layering a bright cami under a light-colored or super loose, flowy top.

I don’t like boxy, mens-cut shirts but I can occasionally work with them and I’m trying to get better with a needle and thread or sewing machine so I can alter some to make them fit better.

That said, I’m working on moving most of my wardrobe in that direction. It’s surprising how many ill-fitting, boxy, crew-neck shirts I’ve hung onto and how many of my tank tops aren’t as cute as I used to think. Because I’m budgeting hard-core right now, and because closet space is at a premium, it’s a slow process. But IF I had all the money to blow on clothes right now…here are the indie, online shops where I’d spend it:


Brookish | on my wishlist: Mr. Darcy proposal t shirt
Brewers Shirts | on my wishlist: Silently Judging & Will Yoga for Beer & Will Run for Beer


Firedaughter Clothing | on my wishlist: They Will Run and Not Grow Weary & Hey Batter Batter Swing Batter (anyone else automatically hear/say that in Cameron’s voice? “hey batter batter sah-wing batter”)
Craft Beerd (SD local, yo) | on my wishlist: Drink LoCAL & Beerifornia


Little Atoms |  on my wishlist: Don’t Worry Be Hoppy & Wake Up Hug Dog Have a Good Day & Unicorns Are My Spirit Animal & Dreamcatcher Wolf Feathers
Look Human | on my wishlist: Can’t Get Out of Bed


Pebby Forevee | on my wishlist: Abs Are Great But Have You Tried Donuts & Nothing Tastes Better Than Skinny Feels Except… & The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go
We Love California | on my wishlist: Mosaic Bear & California Grown (basically I want anything that celebrates my golden state)


Skyline Fever | on my wishlist: the Dylan

I know I’m not even scratching the surface of the rad, creative indie shops out there — what else should I add to my wishlist?


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