7th Inning Stretch: Ranking Every Team’s Promotions

7th Inning Stretch: Ranking Every Team’s Promotionsfeatured

It’s time once again for the 7th Inning Stretch with me and Kasey!

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I think you can tell a lot about a team and its city by the theme and promotion nights it puts on throughout the season. San Francisco, for example, has everything from LGBT Appreciation Night to Singles Night to Pacific Islander Night to Jerry Garcia Night. In San Diego, pretty much every single game is Military Appreciation Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night.

I’m not sure when or how these sorts of themed night games became so popular or why teams engage in this “my theme night is better than yours” competition, but for 7th Inning Stretch this month, I checked each teams’ promotion schedule and then carefully, with no bias whatsoever, ranked them as follows:

7th Inning Stretch: Ranking Every Team's Promotions {the ponytail diaries}

The Good

Braves: They have a yoga day and three days with cornhole tournaments.

Rockies: Tulo mullet hats. Embrace it.


Giants: Most inclusive, with heritage nights for the Irish, Koreans, Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese, Jewish, Native Americans, and Italians (I may be missing one or two). They also get to give away all sorts of World Series Champions stuff, which is cool. And I’m pretty sure they’re the only team giving away a snow globe.

Red Sox: Also play cornhole.

Astros: They give away a replica of a silver boot. Or a silver replica of a boot? I’m not really sure what that has to do with anything, except Texas, I guess?

Twins: They have regular Twingo games, which I assume is Twins-themed Bingo, and give away a scrubs top. Again, not sure what that has to do with anything except the Mayo Clinic is in Minnesota, right?

A’s: They have a Root Beer Float day, which is awesome on its own, but even more so because former players make the floats.

The Average

Cubs, Dodgers, Phillies, Rangers, Orioles: Just very ordinary promotions. Nothing stands out either way. I guess you gotta give these teams something for just sticking to tradition.

Padres, Cardinals, Yankees, Indians, White Sox, Tigers, Royals, Mariners, Blue Jays: Some good promotions and giveaway, but nothing stands out as really spectacular.

I have to call out the Diamondbacks in particular just because I still find it amusing when a team from Arizona has Hispanic or Latino heritage/appreciation nights.

The Blech

Reds: Can we please stop appreciating moustaches? Especially for so many nights?

Marlins: Everything that happens in that park is an affront. But mostly Lawyer Appreciation Night (which was their opening night this season!) and the fact that literally every game is appreciating multiple groups.

Mets: No thundersticks. No.

Pirates: Either they had no events happen for the first half of the season, or they already removed them off their site. And the ones they have left are boring.

Nationals: A Jayson Werth chia pet? Gross.

Angels: They are still giving away that stupid rally monkey. I still hate that damn monkey.

Rays: Thundersticks (they call them “cheer sticks,” but we know what they are). TWICE.

Do you have a favorite promotion/giveaway? Also do you know how many teams have Star Wars nights? 18 (My favorite is the R2-D2 beanie from the A’s)

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