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Grab your favorite mug and let’s chat.

If we were having coffee right now…

I’d brag a bit about how I got $9 worth of loose leaf tea from Teavana fo’ free, thanks to a Starbucks reward (greatest perk ever, btw). It’s called Golden Monkey and it’s pretty delicious. If we were meeting at my apartment, I’d offer to make you a cup.

Coffee Break {the ponytail diaries}

I’d ask about your job/family/husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/dog/school (whichever applies).

I’d tell you how I’ve been really stumped about what to do with this blog lately, because I have big, brilliant ideas about where I want to go with it, but I’m still not really sure how exactly to get there.

I’d ask what you wanted to do or be when you were little. We’d talk about how our childhood aspirations do or don’t match up with where we are now.

I’d talk a little about Onyx because I’m a crazy dog lady who can’t not bring her up in conversation.

I’d ask if you’ve read or are planning to read Go Set a Watchman. I’m about a third of the way through, and if you’ve finished it, I’d stop you right there saying “No spoilers!”

I’d ask what else you’ve read lately that you’ve enjoyed. I’d offer some titles and authors if you asked for recommendations.

I’d ask what movies you’ve seen recently, and ask if Jurassic World was worth seeing in the theater. I’d tell you how I was very pleasantly surprised by how much better Magic Mike XXL was compared to the original.

I might talk about how it’s so interesting that if Magic Mike were gender-reversed, and it was a movie about female strippers and men were blatantly (and, one could argue, patronizingly) encouraged to go and ogle the eye candy, the movies would be perceived so very differently by the public. I might mention I’ve jotted down some notes for a blog post about this, but never pulled them together into anything cohesive and the movie’s been out for nearly a month now, so it seems pointless to publish it.

I’d talk a little about writing fiction and how bloody hard it is, but I wouldn’t want to dwell on it for long, unless you’re a fiction writer too.

I’d probably gush a little about The Office, which I’m watching on Netflix, and up to the final season (which is all new to me), and how amazingly well it recovered after Michael Scott left.

I’d express shock and disbelief if you admitted to either never watching or liking The Office, and then I’d grill you about my other favorite TV shows to make sure we’re still compatible.

I’d confess my excitement over the news that the next Game of Thrones book might finally be published by next spring. I’d offer to lend you my copy of the first Game of Thrones if you said you haven’t read any of the books yet. And I’d then submit to your shock when I tell you I, having never been an HBO subscriber, haven’t seen any episodes of the show, and my husband and I haven’t yet had a free weekend or two to get the free trial of HBO Now to binge-watch it. (Binge-watching Game of Thrones sounds incredibly daunting, doesn’t it? I honestly don’t know if I can emotionally handle watching it all at once.)

We might talk about the prospect of buying homes. I’d tell you the abbreviated version of our attempts to house-hunt and we’d shake our heads over how ridiculous real estate is in San Diego/California in general. I’d tell you how Husband and I don’t plan on staying in the city forever, but we — or at least I — would really, really love to buy something in California before we possibly move out of state. Something we can hold onto and turn into an income property so, years later, we have an “in” if we ever decide to move back.

We’d talk about plans for the rest of summer and probably vaguely say we should get together at the beach or go to some breweries or hang out at the park or see a baseball game — I’d encourage you to join us the next time the Giants are in town, in September.

Then I’d sincerely thank you for meeting up, because we both know how hard it can be for two adults to find time to just hang out and have coffee together.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee right now?

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