July Goals

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I just got back from a crazy, whirlwind-ish trip to D.C. with my family and my cousin’s getting married next week. Last week and this week are just crazy blurs of keeping my head down and working my average-sized butt off so I can handle these short weeks. It’s making me very much aware of the double-edged sword of freelancing: yes, I can take off time whenever I want, but PTO or paid vacation days no longer exist.

Anyway, June was a good month. It wasn’t super eventful — it had its stressful moments for sure, and I wouldn’t call it my most successful, work-wise, but overall, I just felt better day-to-day. More in control, more like I had a vision I was working towards, more like I was moving in the right direction. I’m still taking baby steps, or “one step forward, two steps back,” but I can “zoom out” and see some progress.

That said…let’s look at last month’s goals:

Clean the bathroom sinks/vanity and keep them clean

Eh, not really. No. I didn’t let the mess get much worse, but this is still in need of some attention. So I’ll be tackling it this month.

Eat at least one salad a week for lunch

Well, I did eat more salads, but more often than not, they were the pre-bagged kind, not tossed together myself. I was really lazy about going to the grocery store so I didn’t pick up a lot of fresh produce and went for convenience instead. I did make this for dinner one night (but with romaine, spinach, and arugula instead of kale) and it was pretty delicious. Obviously, this is something I want to have as an ongoing habit, so I’ll keep working on incorporating more salads (and really, veggies in general) into my meals.

Start knitting again

Presenting Exhibit A, the start of the swatch for the sweater that will likely take me a year or two to finish:

Knitting again {the ponytail diaries}


Finish the laundry when I do it

Started strong and did well with this UNTIL I did laundry the night before we went camping and didn’t get to folding and putting it away for about a week, and EXCEPT for the stuff I wash on the delicate cycle and then hang on one of those collapsible racks to dry. Those often stayed on the rack for the week (unless I pulled off a sports bra or something to wear from it).

July Goals {the ponytail diaries}

In July, I will:

Get better at responding to blog comments

A little while ago, I was a whole month behind in responding and felt pretty bad about it. Luckily I don’t get that many comments, so it wasn’t difficult to catch up. I’ve already focused some attention on this because since I don’t get that many comments, I really have no excuse.

Keep going with the sweater

I’ll probably post the occasional progress shot on Instagram. Expect it to come together very, very slowly. This is without a doubt the most complicated pattern I’ve attempted and there’s, like, hundreds and hundreds of rounds. Oy.

Organize my desk/work area

I set up some very loose organizational systems when I set up my desk last year, but I just have a tendency to pile and stack papers and then they take over my workspace and drive me crazy. And I definitely have too much stuff cluttered around here that needs to find new homes.

Get a new printer

Because of course the Canon I have (and am pretty happy with, for once) is no longer even manufactured and of course doesn’t have a driver for my new MacBook.

Be more active on Twitter

When I use Twitter, I’m pretty passive on it — really, scrolling through my “Sports” list made up of sportswriters and the like to stay up on Giants/Warriors/World Cup news, favoriting and sometimes re-tweeting here and there. And the vast majority of my tweets are links to my posts (auto-tweeted from Bloglovin, usually). It just seems like an overwhelming time-suck, but I want to experiment with dedicating time to it and see if anything good can come out of it. (PS, you can follow me, if you want).

And don’t forget: 7th Inning Stretch link-up on July 16th this month — we’re sharing our favorite baseball theme nights and game promotions (i.e., what’s your favorite bobblehead?)

What are your goals this month?


  • I just cannot get into Twitter – I can never think of a good way to say something in a limited amount of characters. Good luck with all of your goals! They look great!

    • Thanks Emily! I’m not sure if Twitter’s gonna work for me or not — but I want to give it a solid try.