Life Motto: Regret

Life Motto: Regretfeatured

I honestly don’t know if I’m quoting or misquoting someone with this one. I put it up on my Facebook profile at some point in college, when the main page of your profile still showed your “hobbies” and “favorite movies” and “favorite quotes.” I think it’s still in there somewhere, but who views anything besides your wall and maybe your photos now?

 If I have to regret something, I'd rather it be a chance taken than an opportunity missed. {the ponytail diaries}

I think of this when I’m trying to make any number of tough decisions. I don’t really buy the idea that anyone can truly live with “no regrets.” I try instead to make peace with my regrets to move past them and be grateful, but that’s not always the easiest thing.

This isn’t about saying YES to every single “chance” out there. But it is a reminder to say “yes” when it’s just fear or laziness or inertia prompting me to say no. It’s a reminder to be spontaneous and open to new ideas and opportunities. It’s a way to frame my thinking when making a decision: Will I probably look back on this in 20 years and wish I’d made a difference choice?

And when I do regret something, I can more easily make peace with it if I can say “well, that didn’t work out, but at least I tried,” instead of “man, I wish I had given that a shot.”