The Circle Link-Up: Hi, My Name is…

The Circle Link-Up: Hi, My Name is…featured

I’m linking up with Kiki for The Circle link-up once again — this month, we’re introducing ourselves.

Obviously, this being a “niche-free” personal/lifestyle blog, I’ve already written…a ton about myself here. Like about one of my passions and some of my favorite memories and lessons learned from it. Or one of my other passions and some memories and many, many thoughts associated with it.

Hi, my name is... {the ponytail diaries}

My dog, a Kelpie/Chow rescue named Onyx, is one of the all-time loves of my life (my husband is too, but I try to respect his privacy and not overshare about him here).

I write fiction in fits and starts and I’m currently working on this massively-crazy year-long goal.

For just over four years now, I’ve called San Diego home. I love it here, but Northern California still has a good piece heart (Lake Tahoe and San Luis Obispo have some real estate in there, too).

Hi, my name is... {the ponytail diaries}

On weekends, you can frequently find me hiking, drinking craft beer, and taking pictures.

Books are my favorite.

Hi, my name is... {the ponytail diaries}

I have slight weakness for cupcakes and donuts.

I’m into practicing gratitude.

One of the best years of my life was when I studied in Copenhagen.

Hi, my name is... {the ponytail diaries}

You can find other collected random facts (probably more than you want to know) about me here, here, here, here, and here. And here are two more:

1) I hate, hate, hate the terms “wifey” and “hubby” (and “hubs” and “hubster”). They are not allowed to be used to refer to me or my husband. Ever.

2) I have scars on the bottom of my chin and lower lip from a really lame rollerblading accident when I was twelve. The city had just opened a new skate park, and my mom took me and my brothers there at the beginning of Christmas break. I have no business being anywhere near a skate park, but tried going up one of the half pipes. I got halfway up, couldn’t figure out how to turn around, and slid down backwards. I think as I neared the bottom one blade slipped off the edge and I face-planted. There was a lot of blood. I’m about the furthest thing from a badass.

Hi, my name is... {the ponytail diaries}

Annnnnd you can find me on Twitter and Instagram, if you like.


headshot photo by Noirvé // wedding photo by Aptera Studios


  • So nice to meet you! I’m glad I found your blog through kiki’s linkup!
    I totally have an obsession with cupcakes and donuts, too! Yum! The photo of you in your wedding dress is gorgeous!!

  • Oh my goodness- I hate hubby and wifey too. I can add to that list though- babe, honey, sweets…really, just any generic term that everyone use. Instead I find myself calling y husband (and oddly enough, my dog too) ridiculous terms like “muffin face” and “broccoli pants” (I don’t even know that that means). It probably makes me worse than those you use hubby/wifey/hubs/babe etc 😛

  • I’ve never been a fan of the hubby/wifey terms, either! And I thought it was just because I’m single or something. So glad to hear there are other people out there who find those names odd, haha. 🙂

    And I also have a thing for yummy donuts–we have a really great place a few hours from where I live and it’s definitely worth the drive!

    Thanks for linking up!

    • I’m so happy I’m not the only one! I think I set that ground rule with my husband before we even got engaged.

      Donuts worthy of a multiple hour drive must be REALLY special!

  • How cool that you got to live in Copenhagen!
    I’ve nominated you for a liebster award on my blog.