7th Inning Stretch: DHs are Stupid and the Wave is Illegal

7th Inning Stretch: DHs are Stupid and the Wave is Illegalfeatured

So this month, both Kasey and I nearly forgot it was the 3rd Thursday and therefore, time for 7th Inning Stretch.

I even started to write another post for today until I checked my drafts folder and found a bunch of notes for this sitting in it.

Soooo…time to link up!

In-game recap:

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–Grab a beer and enjoy the game

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This month’s prompt is “If I was commissioner…”

My tenure as commissioner would mainly be marked by two major acts: the banning of the wave and the banning of the DH in its entirety.

7th Inning Stretch: If I Was Commissioner... {the ponytail diaries}

The Wave

I don’t remember it always being this way, to be honest, but at some point, Giants fans became known for looking down on the wave. You know what this is, right? When everyone in one section at a time stands up and raises their arms, and then they sit down, and the next section over stands up and sits down, all around the stadium?

Anyway. I saw an article recently exploring why exactly Giants fans disdain this sports tradition. Mostly it made them look either petty (it started/grew in popularity during the LA Olympics! LA sucks!) or snobbish (it distracts from concentrating on the game! We’re true, dedicated, serious baseball fans with no need for such frivolity!), and yet, I am in full agreement with most Giants fans: the wave is stupid. If I was commissioner, it’d be banned.

The DH

And can we all just please agree that DHs are stupid? Look, for some bizarre reason, on many teams, at least one of the starting pitchers is one of, if not the, highest-paid player on the roster. Why are you paying someone SO MUCH MONEY to 1) only play in approximately 20% of the games (and most of the time, they don’t even finish those games) and 2) not perform half of a ballplayer’s job?

And on the flip side, why are you paying a DH so much to essentially only work part-time? If I was still working in an office and went to my boss and said “hey, I can’t adequately perform half the skills you want me to do, but I’m really good at the other half, so why don’t you pay me a little more and I’ll only do the stuff I’m good at and in the meantime I’ll just hang out and twiddle my thumbs?”

Economically, neither of these situations make sense.

Go ahead and throw your WARs at me to justify those salaries for pitchers and DHs. DON’T CARE. And to those who say that baseball is “more exciting” when pitchers don’t hit, I give you exhibits A, B, C, and D.

(I’m 90% sure that if, God forbid, Madison Bumgarner was a free agent and not re-signing with the Giants — knock on wood — he would refuse to sign with an AL team, no matter how much money they were offering.) (Please don’t leave us Bum)

Oh, and the Rockies’ stupid purple dinosaur mascot would also be banned.

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