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Whooof. Guys, July kinda threw me for a loop. With a couple trips at the beginning of the month, I had a tough time getting into a good rhythm. And then right in the middle of the month, I got hit with some sort of crazy painful back spasm or…something…that led to me being basically incapacitated for at least four days total. My M.O. with minor pains and health issues is basically to throw myself a pathetic pity party and put off seeking professional help (while waffling back and forth about the pros and cons of doing so) for as long as possible. So that was fun.

Also, pretty sure this is a side effect of being almost 30 — when something goes wrong in your body, you start to think “oh God, now I’m old with a bad back” instead of “eh, I’ll heal soon enough.”

Anyway, I finally did go to the doctor and am feeling much better (I believe in the power of painkillers and muscle relaxers). Thank God.

In the meantime, for most of last month, I was incredibly uninspired and unmotivated. Most days, especially over the past two weeks, I’d get to lunchtime and think “Okay, just get this client work done, and then I can chill and go through email or something easy for the rest of the day.” Blog posts, journaling, fiction…it either didn’t happen or it was painful and writer’s block-y.

So! The point is…well, July’s goals went something like:

Get better at responding to blog comments

Nailed this one. Granted, it was pretty easy since I…don’t get many comments…

Keep going with the sweater

Haha, yeah, curling myself into a knitting position while gremlins were constantly stabbing me in the back and neck did not sound like fun.

Organize my desk/work area

Started to. I cleared off a bunch of papers and junk and got some ideas for how I can actually keep things organized around there.

Get a new printer

Yes! I found a perfectly decent one for under $50 on Craigslist. I still need to get rid of my old printer (if anyone in San Diego needs a good Canon printer that will work with almost any OS but the newest Mac one, get in touch).

Be more active on Twitter

Not even a little bit. I even wrote “1 hr on Twitter” a couple times in my planner and just A) didn’t make it a real priority B) still have some trouble seeing the point. I want to see the success on Twitter that apparently is possible, but I’m not sure if I have it in me to put forth that much effort (especially when I’d rather spend that time on this blog or Instagram).

And now…my goals for August:

August Goals {the ponytail diaries}

I really should start by noting that Onyx and I will be in Tahoe with my family for a week this month (Husband, sadly, has to work and can’t come), so having many goals at all is probably a little crazy…buuuut…


This daily Instagram challenge — hosted by Susannah Conway — was the first one I ever participated in last year. This time around, I want to challenge myself to actually stick to the prompts, plan ahead what photos I want to take each day, and be more intentional about the photos I post.

Knock some items off my Summer Bucket List

I’m looking at you, Free Museum Tuesdays at Balboa and Safari Park. And I’m thinking visiting the Safari Park will give us a chance to check out a brewery or two in the San Marcos/Vista area.

Work towards being able to establish a “Summer Fridays” schedule

This is when businesses let workers out early on Fridays during the summer. I’ve never worked for a company that did that, but I know it exists because I remember trying to get ahold of vendors and partners after lunch on a Friday in July or August and knowing it was pointless.

Basically, I want to get more disciplined at tackling my tasks and to-dos early in the week so by noon or so on Friday, I can kick back and either stop working altogether or relax with a fun side project or just skim the Internet for cool stuff to read.

Get those steps in

Can I hit 10,000 steps every day this month? Well, no, because I already missed yesterday — so can I get to 10,000 steps 30 out of 31 days? WE SHALL SEE.

Skillshare class(es)

I’ve noticed and accepted that online courses don’t really work for me — but I’ve found quite a few Skillshare classes lately that look either fun, interesting, or useful (or some combination of those).

Rig up a stand-up workstation

This is actually already in progress — something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and that back pain finally spurred me to git’r done. More accurately, I bugged Husband enough that he drew up a plan/sketch, went to Home Depot, and put the thing together (I helped a little). (I like to think he was motivated to help me stop being so pathetic when in pain.) We (he) still need(s) to do the finishing work but it’s at least functional and pretty awesome.

Proofread and update the images on at least 50 posts

Because typos are everywhere and they suck. And because everything posted before January or so needs re-sized images.


Or a complete failure.

Or somewhere in between.

(Linking up with Mariah, Esther, Hsiao-Ting, Lindsay, and Shannon this month for “Maximize Your Month.” Share your goals for August and join in!)

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  • Sounds like a great set of goals!! Awesome your husband made you a stand-up desk! Hope your back is 100% soon, not feeling makes it really hard to be super productive for sure! P and I still need to make it to the Safari park!

    • Thanks Mariah! I’m feeling soooo much better compared to last week. And hoping the desk helps; when I finally went to the doctor he basically said “stop sitting at your desk so much.”

  • 50 posts!? Wow! I’m so impressed. Good luck with your goals this month and I hope your neck/back start to feel better.

    • We’ll see on the posts 🙂 I figure that’s less than 2 a day and most of them will be pretty quick and straightforward, but who knows what’ll actually happen.

  • I love the safari park!! Especially the caravan tours. 🙂 I hope you get to do it!! I didn’t know about free Museum Tuesdays. I’m going to have to check that out too. Good luck on all your goals next month. Hope your back feels better!

    • Thanks Esther! Basically the museums in Balboa take turns offering free admission to residents each Tuesday — like the first Tuesday of month would be Air & Space, Natural History, and Museum of Man or whatever. At the very least, you can hang out in air conditioning!

  • Good luck with your goals. I think once the kids go back to school, I will start a goals list. Any suggestions for someone starting?

    • Oh geez, you really want advice from me? 🙂

      I guess I’d say start small, be honest with how much time you have, and be honest about what you really want. Don’t say something like “I’m gonna write a novel” just because it sounds like a cool thing to do, and don’t say “I’m gonna run a marathon at the end of the month” if you’ve never run before.

      Also, be realistic about what’s in your control. I might want to say “I’m gonna guest-post on 3 high-profile blogs this month,” but I really have no control over whether or not that happens — I can write really excellent guest posts but I can’t force blog editors to publish them. Instead I would say “I’ll send out at least 15 pitches for guest posts,” because that only requires actions I can control.

      Whatever you do — good luck!

  • Ha, your goals look awesome! Especially the instagram challenge – I am terrible at those because I can never think of what photos to take, so I hope it goes well for you. 🙂 Also, a stand-up desk sounds great, how are you finding it? Good luck with all your goals!

    • So far the stand-up desk has been going well. I initially wanted something I could take on and off the desk so I could switch between sitting and standing, but we made it pretty big, so instead I switch between standing at my desk and taking my laptop to the couch a couple times each day. It works…

  • I can relate to the stand-up workstation. I listen to a podcast called Happier and they talk about a treadmill desk!! I can’t help but think that would have my mind buzzing – but a standup workstation I can get behind! 🙂

    • If only I had the room for a treadmill desk! I’ve read about them and don’t know if it would help or hurt my productivity — I think it would depend on the task. Is the Happier podcast the one Gretchen Rubin does? I found that awhile back but haven’t listened to it yet.