August Recap & September Goals

August Recap & September Goalsfeatured

I’ve started drinking pumpkin beer. I saw a blog post last week about business planning for 2016 (?!?). Kids have already been back at school for, like three weeks already. (I swear I saw a “back to school omg they grow up so fast” Facebook post on August 1st. August 1st, people. What is going on??) My husband is planning is fantasy football draft. People are already starting to freak out about the return of pumpkin spice lattes.

Exactly one of the statements above excites me.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know my feelings for Fall are ambivalent, at best. So I’m really less-than-thrilled that it’s freaking September, it’s already full-on dark before 8:00, and I’m starting to get bombarded with boots! sweaters! leaves! pumpkins! and all that shit.

Whatever. In my world, summer is faaaaar from over (oh hey, 85+ degree days until October! Nice to see you again!). BUT it is still the first of the month (or nearly) and that means a little goal-setting.

So, in August…


Not so much. I posted on Instagram a little more than I had been (that’s yet another thing I lost my mojo for over the past few months), but I only followed a couple prompts.

Knock some items off my Summer Bucket List

Sadly, no. But like I said, I still have plenty of “summer” left.

Work towards being able to establish a “Summer Fridays” schedule

Well, the last two weeks, I let myself sleep in on Friday and enjoy a slow, lazy morning before starting work around 11:00 and working hard until 4:00 or 5:00. So I sort of managed that, only in reverse. And one time it involved a conscious choice of “I’m going to take it easy today and make up some work on the weekend since we don’t have any plans for once.” This is obviously a long-term goal.

Get those steps in

No…it was, as I predicted, tough to manage this when I was spending a week on the beach. And geez, it is hard to hit 10,000 steps (or even 8,000 steps) on days when I don’t have to leave my apartment. If I make it today, I’ll have 18 “successful” days this month, which gives me a benchmark to shoot for in September. I’m thinking once I hit that mark for 30 days straight, I’ll treat myself to a better/more attractive band/bracelet for the tracker (I’m eyeing this one.)

Skillshare class(es)

I completed one and added a bunch to my saved list. I also went ahead and signed up for their “three months for 99 cents” deal so I have until the middle of November to try as many classes as I can

Also this month, I tentatively signed up for a couple other e-courses focusing mainly on finding and attracting new clients. One is already complete (it was a one-day online workshop; now I just need to put some of the ideas into action) and one is an eight-week thing. Week two starts today.

Rig up a stand-up workstation

Complete except for finishing/painting. But I’ve been using it and it’s awesome except my feet are hella sore.

Proofread and update the images on at least 50 posts

Haha, I think I managed seven or so? I didn’t start on this until the second half of the month and it’s taking me a lot longer than I expected to update the posts (because I’m picky and a perfectionist). Maybe I’ll get the remaining…43…completed this month?

So, some wins, some losses, some progress. Now! Onto September:

August Recap & September Goals {the ponytail diaries}

Sign up for/run a cross-country race or two

Guys, I don’t know how I’ve lived in San Diego for four years without hearing about Dirt Dog Cross-Country races, but I’ve heard about them now and I CAN’T WAIT TO SIGN UP AND RUN. Cross-country was how I first fell in love with the sport, and the best part is the races are like fifteen freaking dollars. I’ll take that over a $140 marathon any day.

Prepare for “El Nino”

By buying a doggie rain coat for Onyx and galoshes for me. And finding the $12 Target umbrella I bought three years ago and only used when we were in New York two years ago. Maybe buying a rain jacket. (I own none of these basic weather essentials.)

That’s it. Not much else I can really do besides mentally prepare to (if all the meteorologists are right) to be very, very wet for several months.

Stay on pace with the e-course

Re-read Harry Potter

My mom got me my very own set of the books for a belated birthday present (THANK YOU MOM). Growing up, I always had to share with my brothers and those books are now scattered around my parents’ house. Once I finish All the Light We Cannot See I fully intend to immerse myself in Hogwarts.

Yoga my ass off — in the morning

Have I mentioned I put my studio membership on hold to save a few bucks? So I’ve been looking for good YouTube classes and trying really hard to build a more consistent home practice. Get this: I’ve practice yoga for at least 10 minutes every day since August 18th. I can’t remember the last time I had a streak like that. I really want to keep that up, but I want to start practicing in the mornings more. I usually put it off until bedtime, and then I’m scrolling through looking for a short class that’s more on the easy/restorative side instead of the faster-paced vinyasa classes I used to attend at the studio. I’d prefer to mix it up and try some more dynamic or longer classes…which would be best done in the morning (or at least during the day).

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  • You’re so right. On days there’s no reason to go out, getting a good number of steps in can be near impossible! Best of luck with your goals this month!

  • Ok, you are scaring me with this El Nino prep 🙂 I like your title picture!! That is a great shot. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this but I like Yoga with Adriene. Best of luck on your goals!!

    • Haha, I’m still a little skeptical it’ll even happen, but I’ve been joking for awhile that Onyx needs a jacket even for the little rain we get because she hates getting wet. I’ve heard of Yoga by Adrienne by I haven’t tried any of her videos yet. It’s on my list!

      And thank you! The photo was actually right outside my building yesterday evening. I was having a lot of fun taking multiple pictures of the sky/clouds as they changed color. 🙂

  • YES to your intro. I’m living in Hawaii right now, so all this “end of summer” stuff is going right over my head, too. We’re in the most awful part of summer, where it’s in the 90s and 1000 percent humidity and there’s no air except the breeze that blows volcanic ash up from the Big Island, so there might be maybe two people on the whole island who are anything approaching excited about Pumpkin Spice Anything. Well, pumpkin beer sounds exciting!

    Best of luck on your goals. The cross country races sound amazing, and the price is definitely right!

    • Oh, I feel for you because at least our humidity’s not THAT bad. I can’t imagine living with that. Hope some pumpkin beer makes it out your way!

      • We’re looking for some – and we’ll have air conditioning to enjoy it in, at least! I love Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale but I haven’t been able to find any yet.

  • Good luck! It’s definitely autumn already where I am so I have no escape! 🙁
    Enjoy the Yoga – Yoga With Adrienne is great on YouTube! 🙂

    • Snuggle up in boots and sweaters and scarves then, by all means! Sounds like I definitely need to try Yoga by Adrienne soon 🙂

  • I need to update so many of my old posts too! I just don’t even want to think about them at this point. Forget the pumpkin spice lattes, I’m so happy pumpkin beers are coming back! They’re my favorite kind. 🙂 and OMG so many people are talking about el nino. We just have on year in San Diego.. I was hoping it would be a good one! haha Where in SD do you live?

    • Yeah, we’re just a little obsessive about weather reports and predictions. I think it’s because meteorologists get bored saying basically the same thing every day, so when they get something big like this is supposed to be, they get really excited. I’m in the North Park/Normal Heights/University Heights area.

      • We’re in NP too! 🙂

        • Sounds like we should meet up sometime! 🙂

          • Let’s do it!! Right now we’re a little preoccupied with getting our cat back to good health. I see you know @foodboozebaggage:disqus too. We should all do a get together! 🙂 Yeah??

          • Oh, definitely take care of your kitty first! Then yes, let’s make something happen!

  • Hello! I’m new at Maximise Your Goals so hi there. Congrats on the yoga. I’m hoping to do it this month. What videos would you recommend on Youtube?

    • Hi Elizabeth! That’s awesome you’re starting yoga. I’ve been liking Erin Motz; she has some flows and shorter videos breaking down specific poses, which is great for beginners. Also SaraBethYoga and Yoga by Candace — and I just tried my first Yoga by Adriene video last night and loved it 🙂 Good luck! If you’re totally new to yoga, try just searching “yoga for beginners” and trying several different instructors until you find one or two you “click” with.