currently… {august}

currently… {august}featured

getting | back on track and into a rhythm of sorts after spending a week at the lake.

adjusting | to an improvised stand-up desk. It’s mostly awesome but sometimes my feet hurt.

laughing, drinking, relaxing, eating | with family. always good.

watching | Onyx play with my aunt and uncle’s dog, chase squirrels, and warily accept treats from various family members. And getting in the water with minimal hesitation!

drinking | tea and water to detox from a week of wine, beer, more wine, cookies, brownies, frozen yogurt, and burgers. So worth it.

currently... {august 2015}

wondering | what on earth I want to do with this blog. Changes are coming, I’m just not sure what they are…yet.

adding | core work into my daily workouts. Again.

budgeting | with Husband. Actually, last night he showed me all the work he did revising and planning our budget while I was gone and I was a little blown away. I was all “I was thinking about how we can adjust our budget while I was driving home” and he goes “Let me show you this” and I said “Wow, thanks for doing all this work” and then we talked a little about how we’ll put it into practice and stay on top of it. Then we complained about how adulting is hard and I got sad that we were out of ice cream.

listening | to podcasts while walking Onyx. Despite literally everyone in the world listening to This American Life and knowing I would love it, I’ve resisted subscribing or downloading any because they have so freaking many episodes where do I start what if I miss a good one how will I get caught up or stay caught up and finally I was just like “Stop being stupid. Just download the two or three most recent episodes and go from there.” And I did. Newer shows, like The Mystery Show or Invisibilia, though, I’m starting from Episode 1 and sloooowly getting caught up.

bookmarking/saving/pinning/tweeting | this GREATEST CHROME/FIREFOX EXTENSION EVER. these thoughts on blogging. these thoughts on copying. this new-to-me workflow tool. these thoughts on reading. this advice for writers and bloggers. this tale of reading War and Peace on an iPhone. these things to make with funfetti cake mix. these tips for adventuring with your dog.



  • YOu have done so much. I love it! I like how you have different words than normal for the currently series.

    • Haha, thanks! Awhile ago I found this hugely long list of verbs that I saved and now I try to pick a few different ones every month.

      • I might have to search around and do that too. I love doing these b/c I feel so scattered sometimes for a whole post.

  • Sounds like you (and Onyx) had a great trip to the lake! The podcast while walking the dog sounds like a great idea! I had not thought about it, but using it a bit as double duty.

    • I have listened to SO MANY PODCASTS this week because of that. It’s great. 🙂