Into the Pint Glass: Hefeweizen

Into the Pint Glass: Hefeweizenfeatured

I’m a little late this time, but we’re diving Into the Pint Glass again with Mariah and Katie! This time – hefeweizens.

So, a little earlier, I learned that many beers I think of as hefes are actually witbiers. To my understanding, hefeweizens and witbiers are basically the same thing, except hefes (or weissbiers) are German and therefore must adhere to some very stringent standards, while witbiers are Belgian and typically have spices/other flavors (cloves, coriander, lemon) added.

Into the Pint Glass: Hefeweizen {the ponytail diaries}

Anyway, I found a couple of beers to try for this round. Check out Mariah’s post for some more details about hefeweizens.

Into the Pint Glass: Mission St. Hefeweizen {the ponytail diaries}

Mission St. Hefeweizen

Okay, yeah, this is the Trader Joe’s brand. But apparently it’s brewed by Firestone-Walker in Paso Robles, which, while not my favorite brewery by far, is pretty legit. And at $2 for a bomber I couldn’t say no. Don’t hate.

Color/Appearance: Poured a nice, hazy gold with a thick cream head.

Aroma: Sweet and a little bready

Taste: No strong flavors really jumped out at me.

Overall: I feel like this is a very standard, by the book hef. I probably would’ve like this a lot more, say, six or seven years ago, before I acquired a taste for more hop-forward beers. Now it just seems kinda bland.

Into the Pint Glass: Gigantic Brewing Company Firebird Smoked Hefeweizen {the ponytail diaries}

Firebird Smoked Hefeweizen

I figured after the blandness of Mission St. I could try something very different. Also, I really like the label.

Color/Appearance: Again, poured a hazy golden yellow with a thick cream head. There was a LOT of sediment in this one.

Aroma: Much more complex than the Mission St. I picked up a sweet, oaky smell and hints of fruit.

Taste: Holy smoky! I can still tell it’s a hef thanks to the hint of banana but wow, it’s like drinking wood chips from a campfire.

Overall: I really appreciated this was something different and interesting. My husband enjoyed it a lot more than I did, though.

Into The Pint Glass
  • I LOVE the label on the second one!! I have never seen a smoked hefe, so interesting! Where did you find that one?

    • I found that at Bine & Vine. It’s an Oregon-based brewery but I don’t think I’ve seen their beers before (or at least not noticed them).

  • Have you ever tried a Lapsang Souchong tea? It sounds like it tastes like the second beer. Not my jam.

    I NEVER knock a TJs brand item. They produce awesome cheap wine but I didn’t realize they partner in making their own beer, too! I’m on it.

    • I haven’t even heard of that tea but it sounds like something I’d add a LOT of honey to in order to drink it.