currently… {september}

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After, what, two weeks of unrelenting heat (and humidity), it’s 70 degrees outside, still damp from recent rains, and I feel like putting on a sweater.

For like 5 minutes. Then I’ll go oh, it’s still 70 degrees and take it off. But still! Maybe we can stop running 3-4 fans 24/7 and our electricity bill will drop a little next month.

Oh, the things that excite grown-ups.

planning | blog stuff and more blog stuff.

relishing | the rain. I left the back door open yesterday throughout the “storm” and it felt and sounded so nice.

re-committing | to yoga. Other than Labor Day weekend (because camping), I’d been practicing daily for a solid month now!

re-motivating | myself to run and actually train. I signed up for a cross-country race at the end of the month that I’m so excited for, but my recent runs have all felt clunky and awkward and slow, so for the first time in years I’m actually a little worried about how I’ll perform.

currently... {september}

drinking | all the pumpkin beer I can get my hands on. Not PSLs.

celebrating | a friend’s 30th with a SLO-county camping trip, a killer hike, and many brews. Our second wedding anniversary

hoping | to actually get started on our wedding album this month…

teaching | “sit” and “high-five” to Onyx. She’s 6 and we’ve done next to nothing in terms of “training” since we got her. This may or may not take.

watching | really incredible sunsets. The clouds and colors have just been phenomenal lately.

bookmarking/saving/pinning/tweeting | these words on not acting dumb. this piece on reading things you don’t like or are scared of. this hilarious satire on corporate email (and the comments from people who didn’t realize it’s satire). this skillet lasagna. these awesome comics. these costco shopping tips. this pumpkin swirl bread and this pumpkin soup (the season of pumpkin baking and cooking has begun). this contract advice. this OMG ice cream. this hike. these wonderful thoughts on life hacks. these unwritten “rules.” these blondies WITH WHISKEY.



  • We moved to a new house, and it seems much hotter than our other house. P went and got us a second window unit, it was just too much!! Thanks for including me in your bookmarking 🙂 You guys must try that hike!

    • You’re welcome! 🙂 I feel your pain on the heat. Hopefully it cools off soon!